The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide

We’re all here for girl power, Queens support Queens and giving each other the lift that we need. There’s nothing about our community that doesn’t scream “feminist” and in a community of empowered women, we all need the accessories and tools to match. 

The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide is the go-to guide to the most empowering, women-led, start-up businesses in the Etsy world. Whether for gift-giving occasions, a little pick-me-up gift for your favourite girlfriend, or just a little treat to yourself. Look to this guide for all the inspiration you need to be inspiring, fierce, sexy, marvelous… And everything in between. 



empowering, no-nonsense, validating

Feminism to me includes all marginalised people (if it isn’t inclusive, it isn’t feminism) and works towards equity and justice for all people. You can learn more about what the creator of DoodlePeople stands for in the DoodlePeople blog post!


Empower mug

This Stuff Is Golden

Zines, collage, art

On top of being a vocal feminist, Lauren brings out her creativity and passion for feminism through her Etsy Shop. Find out more about This Stuff Is Golden and the feminist-inspired woman behind the creations on the blog post!


Virago Feminist Zine

Cara’s Corner Creations

Kind, cute, motivational.

As a feminist and mental health advocate, Cara runs Cara’s Creations to advocate for mental health in one of the most creative and comforting ways. 

Feminist embroidery hoop art lavraxlondon

Feminist embroidery hoop art

Dinky Mix

Empowering, Playful, Inspiring.

A store brought to life by Chi Opara, dedicated to celebrating, encouraging, and empowering young black girls and boys who may often be overlooked by mainstream society. You can read more about the inspiring woman behind Dinky Mix on the Dinky Mix blog post!


Little Queen print

Delicious Monster Tea

Hand embroidered sass

Equality for everyone, no matter what your sex, gender, race, age, sexuality, ability, size. Everyone deserves the right to live their happiest life, and feminism is striving for the goal of balance and equality. You can read all about how Claire implements this definition of feminism to her Etsy shop on the Delicious Monster Tea blog post!

girls girls girls top lavraxlondon feminist etsy shops

Girls girls girls tee

Daisy Bow Craft

Craft, creative, activist

From empowering herself through her crafts, to activism, and leadership, Daisy has finally brought her designs to us to do some serious empowering. You can read all about Daisy’s work on the Daisy Bow Craft blog post!


Clitoris earrings

Laura Wingrove

Eighties, activism, patterns

Laura is an award-winning illustrator. After having spent her life, or at least for as long as she can remember, drawing and telling ridiculous stories, Laura is now the owner of her own awesome Etsy shop! You can find out more on the Laura Wingrove blog post!

dont tell me to smile laura wingrove t shirt lavraxlondon feminist gift guide.png

Don’t tell me to smile T-shirt

Fat Fiesty Femme

Fat Femme Magic

Fat Fiesty Femme is an Etsy shop created, founded, and owned by Stacy Bias. In her own words, Stacy is a queer, fat, femme American expat living in London, freelancing as an animator and illustrator after having been doing art for over 20 years. You can read more on the Fat Fiesty Femme blog post!


Minimal Maximalism Print

Scarborough Scribbles

Fun, feel-good, fearless.

Scarborough Scribbles is run by the lovely Jen, a 28-year-old wife, and mother, who doubles as a successful smal biz owner, and has been since 2017! You can read more about Jen’s shop on the Scarborough Scribbles blog post!


“We do feminism in this home” print

La Cienaga Art

Passion, commitment, rebellion.

La Cienaga Art is owned by Spanish femme Angela, who brings us an alternative Etsy shop, that puts intersectional feminism into the light with some beautifully radical-inspired feminist accessories. You can find out more on the La Cienaga Art blog post!

la cienaga art lavraxlondon feminist etsy gift guide

Sometimes Antisocial, Always Feminist Patch

Little Lovelies Studio

Hand-lettered cards & gifts

Equipped with all the girl power gifts of your dreams. Seriously, if you can’t wait to see their amazing stuff,  just head over to Little Lovelies Studio blog post! Nikki has set up an amazing business looking to do some serious empowerment. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 21.51.23

Boss Lady Mug

Joseph & Sue

Quirky, original, human

Anabel, founder of J&S, and a wonderful woman, is donating part of the proceeds of J&S to an organisation that shares their values. You can find out more on the J&S blog post (coming soon!) 

frida khalo feminist tee joseph and sue

Frida Khalo top

House of wonderland

Positivity, feminism, gifts

I spoke to the wonderful Tess when I came across House of Wonderland, and upon learning that Tess was half Mexican, I immediately contacted her to feature on the guide! House of Wonderland have a range of beautiful feminist gifts perfect for every Queen. Blog post coming soon!

magnificent women mug house of wonderland
             Magnificent Women Mug
To get 15% off at HOW you can use the code LAVRAXLONDON at the checkout.

Fatima’s Custom Designs

Bold, Confident & Powerful

Founded by the lovely Fatima Williams. Fatima’s Custom Designs is a beautiful Etsy shop that is an ode to black beauty. Fatima makes sure that no woman is overlooked. You can read more on how Fatima looks to empower with her amazing products on Fatima’s Custom Designs blog post.

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 11.49.20

I am Enough Tee


Latham Illustrations

Positive, vibrant and empowering. 

Jeniffer founded Latham Illustrations on the side of her studies to empower all kinds of women. You can find out more about Jeniffer’s plan to empower women and children on the Latham Illustrations blog post

Lav’s  Faves: Latham Illustrations

latham illustrations feminist etsy guide

Love your legs print


Zealo apparel

progressive, expressive, inclusive

Zealo Apparel was founded by Josie, who “as a tomboy,” saw that the world of fashion should be shaken up a bit. You can read more about Zealo Apparel on the Zealo Apparel blog post.

Lav’s  Faves: Zealo Apparel

feminist etsy guide zealo apparel feminist pins

Feminist Enamel Pin Pack

4 businesses will be added to the guide each month, so by the end of the year, we will have the ultimate feminist Etsy guide. 

If you would like to be featured in this guide you can find my details on my contact page or reach me on my social pages.