The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide

We’re all here for girl power, Queens support Queens and giving each other the lift that we need. There’s nothing about the LavraxLondon community that doesn’t scream “feminist” and in a community of empowered women, we all need the accessories and tools to match. 

The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide is the go-to guide to the most empowering, women-led, start-up businesses in the Etsy world. Whether for gift-giving occasions, a little pick-me-up gift for your favourite girlfriend, or just a little treat to yourself. Look to this guide for all the inspiration you need to be inspiring, fierce, sexy, marvelous… And everything in between. 

Lav has been speaking and collaborating with some inspiring ladies to make sure you know there are real wonder women out there fighting for, creating, and inspiring the female future. 

1. Zealo apparel

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 21.12.17

Zealo Apparel was founded by Josie, who “as a tomboy,” saw that the world of fashion should be shaken up a bit. Here is the voice behind the inspiration:

Describe Zealo Apparel in 3 words: 

progressive, expressive, inclusive

In short, what is feminism to you? 
Something I can’t stand is injustice, and that’s what we’ve got and
that’s what feminism fights. While we are making assumptions and projections based on gender, people are prevented from reaching their highest potential. Not only is that unjust at an individual level, it’s detrimental to society as a whole.

How does Zealo Apparel look to empower women and children? 
I counter stereotypes by pairing feminine designs with strong messages. I also think it’s vital that children aren’t exposed to a completely gendered world, so our products aren’t divided by gender and I include plenty of gender neutral designs. It’s about striking a balance between addressing gender stereotypes and, at the same time, downplaying gender.

Lav’s Faves: 

screen shot 2019-01-05 at 01.03.46

Lav’s fave is this “Cat Not Catcalls” tee!

With the code: WNJT7X20KX, you can get 20% off your purchase between the 5th-15th January at Zealo Apparel.

You can find Zealo apparel on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


2. House of wonderland

house of wonderland logo

Describe HOW in 3 words:

positivity, feminism, gifts

What is feminism to you?

For us, feminism is all about empowering and inspiring women everywhere. It’s about modernising the world’s old-fashioned views so that women get treated equally with everyone else. Feminism is showing that women can change the world for the better.

How does HOW look to empower women and children?

We strive to empower people everywhere by creating magical products that have positive and inspiring messages. We have ranges that focus on the women of history that changed the world, and ranges that remind women that they are not alone; that they are always stronger than they think.

Lav’s Faves
magnificent women mug house of wonderland
Lav’s fav is this “Magnificent Women” mug!
To get 15% off at HOW you can use the code LAVRAXLONDON at the checkout.
Make sure to follow HOW on all of their socials, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


Joseph & Sue

Joseph and Sue feminist etsy shop.png

Describe Joseph & Sue in 3 words:

Quirky, original, human

What is feminism to you?

It’s becoming who you are, freely and with equity. It’s believing in the humanity of all people.

How does Joseph & Sue look to empower women and children?

I try to create things that are meaningful to me, in my own words and style. It means so much when it resonates with other people.

We give part of our proceeds from our designs to organizations that share our values. Our main partner right now is Dignity not Despair which is a Los Angeles based non-profit whose mission is to support to female refugees. They provide hygiene products and makeup, and put on events in all corners of the world to raise other women up and recognize their humanity.

Lav’s Faves

Frida Khalo feminist tee joseph and sue.png

Lav’s Joseph and Sue favourite it this Frida Khalo top! Because Viva Mexico! And Viva Frida!

You can find Joseph and Sue on Instagram and Facebook


4 businesses will be added to the guide each month, so by the end of the year, we will have the ultimate feminist Etsy guide. 

If you would like to be featured in this guide you can find my details on my contact page or reach me on my social pages.