“El Día De Las Velitas” A Colombian Christmas

Literally translated to “The day of little candles”, el día de las velitas is a Colombian festive tradition beginning on the 7th of December and ends at the crack of dawn on the 8th of December. Marking the beginning of the Christmas season in Colombia. 

How To Deal With Imposters Syndrome

Having been clouded by insecurities throughout our lives, in most aspects of our lives, I am surprised that we don’t learn to outgrow them. None of us are strangers to the feeling of not being good enough. The truth that we all know, yet can’t internalise it to our own brains, is that no one […]

Hollywood Waxing for Beginners

Hey guys! Before I tell you anything too personal… I am here to tell you, that I get my hoo-ha waxed. If you’re thinking about doing it, have booked your first session already, are curious, or just want to know how painful it really is, you’re welcome to read on. Who better than your girl here, to tell […]

Neutrogena Light Acne Therapy -14 Days

I am back to report my next 7 days of the Neutrogena Light Acne Therapy Mask. If you’re not caught up yet and want to see the whole process, here you can find the first 7 days of use and unboxing of the mask. I am now on my 14th day of use and I have some […]

The Fault In Our Stars Commentary

I decided to watch The Fault in Our Stars today, to revert back to my 17-year-old self, and because why not? It was a big hit when it came out in 2014 after the book by John Green, published in 2012, became massively popular. Yes, I also read the book, I was 16 and I […]

Lavrax Doodles

Since I started my blog I have been loving being more creative. I have loved writing, photographing, editing, and everything in between. I have always been an artist at heart but with some terrible drawing skills. I had always loved doodling, but I knew I wasn’t very good. I decided that I wanted to have a […]

How My Dad’s Veganism Affected My Life

I was maybe 4 to 8 years old when I realised I loved animals. All of my tops had animals on them because that’s how I showed my love. Thinking back on it, I wore loads of animal merch. The original merch collector right here.  I hadn’t heard about vegetarianism, let alone veganism until I […]

Learning Your Partner’s Native Language

Learning a new language can be an exciting challenge, right? For the many reasons that you may be learning a new language, learning for love is like no other. The personal rewards that you achieve from it will double, as, like all of us in love, you will feel a deeper aspect of it. Despite […]

Neutrogena Light Acne Therapy -First 7 Days

So I am back reporting on my progress with the Neutrogena light acne therapy mask after my unboxing post (in case you missed it!)  I am currently one week in and I can say that I have seen some small results from the mask. I have never suffered from severe acne, but over the past 7 […]