10 reasons a blog is better than a boyfriend

10 reasons a blog is better than a boyfriend

With the help of logic, memes, and my fellow lady bloggers, I came to the realisation that every aspect of blogging can give you (I guess almost…) all the perks of having a boyfriend, without having to endure the awkwardness of finding one, or then having to maintain him…

She In The Home Giveaway

Eearlier this month I was lucky to have won a giveaway by the founder and owner of She In The Home, a small, independent home and giftware shop set up in August 2018. 

I forgot my blog goals?!

I don’t want to think there is a direct correlation between goal setting and achieving good stats for your blog. But it seems that’s what happened here… At least in the social media department.

Vegan cat backpack

Lavrax X No Faux Vegan Giveaway

The bag that’s up for grabs, also known as “Cornelia”, is for all of the cat and animal lovers out there. Made out of PU coloured leather, making it completely vegan-friendly! 

Another Monthiversary?

Here I am, holding my three-month-old baby Lavrax Blogs in my arms, thinking about how time flies. Wondering when I’ll begin having that love-hate relationship with it. Or wondering if I’ll be one of the lucky ones that bring up the perfect, non-problematic child (maybe. Hopefully). 

“El Día De Las Velitas” A Colombian Christmas

Literally translated to “The day of little candles”, el día de las velitas is a Colombian festive tradition beginning on the 7th of December and ends at the crack of dawn on the 8th of December. Marking the beginning of the Christmas season in Colombia. 

How To Deal With Imposters Syndrome

Having been clouded by insecurities throughout our lives, in most aspects of our lives, I am surprised that we don’t learn to outgrow them. None of us are strangers to the feeling of not being good enough. The truth that we all know, yet can’t internalise it to our own brains, is that no one […]