The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: La Cienaga Art

This is is the first shop on the guide that appears to be one of the more “radical” and alternative Feminist Etsy shops I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with. By that I don’t mean they burn their bras, although if you totally need to burn your bra I ain’t against it – bras are evil. 

The Sweetest Gifts

Now that January is over we can step right back into reality. We’ve had our health kick, you’ve eaten all your kale (or whatever healthy people eat), now what time is it? Oh, yea…

How To Run A Successful Giveaway As A New Blogger

Giveaways are one of those things that (kind of) require a fair bit of engagement to be considered successful – And as a new blogger, that sounds pretty daunting. Here is how you can make your first giveaway as a new blogger a success!