22 bits of advice for life in your 20s

I decided that I have no idea, much like everyone around me, how to take on my 20s. The thought of getting deeper into them have brought on more fear than excitement especially as someone who had great, big plans. 


The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: Daisy Bow Craft

Are clitoris earings a bit too much for a Saturday? I didn’t think so either. March is all about celebrating women, and that’s exactly how we’re going to continue doing it. We’re here for all kinds of wome, to all kinds of women, for all parts of women. 

The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: Laura Wingrove

Laura is an award-winning illustrator. After having spent her life, or at least for as long as she can remember, drawing and telling ridiculous stories, Laura set out to study animation in 2015, and is  now the owner of her own absolutely awesome shop!

netflix shows to binge watch

Netflix Shows To Binge-Watch This Season (2019)

There is never a time that a good Netflix binge won’t fix any problem you may have, from boredom to an impending due date, it’s a surefire way to make sure that your mind is entertained. That’s the real beauty of it. That is if you can actually pick something you want to watch.

The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: Fat Feisty Femme

Fat Fiesty Femme is an Etsy shop created, founded, and owned by Stacy Bias. In her own words, Stacy is a queer, fat, femme American expat living in London, freelancing as an animator and illustrator after having been doing art for over 20 years. You can find out more about Stacy on her website to see all the kinds of things she gets up to!