Hi there! I’m Lavrax

Can we find a space to chill out, relax, and create some good energy? Great, you’ve finally arrived.

I am a fiercely independent 21-year-old baby faced badass. Colombiana living in London.

I created this blog out of wanting to do something productive and wanting to reach out to people that are trying to find someone to relate to. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? I love writing about love and relationships, positivity, all types of entertainment, self-care, beauty, mental health, but by no means am I restricted to that. I will write about my fortunes and misfortunes, for those that care to read.

I am recently graduated (congrats to me!) and naturally I am feeling a little lost. My degree was focused on politics and international relations, with some journalism modules in between. But soon figured out that I wanted nothing to do with politics. Typical.

I live with my family in London, mum and dad, my cat Aurora (1 year) and my baby boy Ben (my dog, 11 years). My family moved to London from Colombia when I was 10, for reasons that I still ask about today. But we can discuss that later. My parents are a great inspiration to me for being able to create a new life together in a country that is geographically and culturally very far from our former home in Cali, Colombia.

I hope that someday I can make people feel comfortable, at home, or bring positivity into their lives through my work. Building positivity, friendships, and relationships are what makes me the happiest in life.

I am extremely friendly and if you have read this far, seriously, let’s be friends!

You can find me on –

Twitter: Lavraxb

Instagram: Lavraxblogs