22 bits of advice for life in your 20s

Getting advice to take on your 20s is definitely worth listening to. As a 21-year-old, to be 22 on the 21st of March, I am not anywhere near where I thought I would be, nor do I see my life suddenly taking form into the life I thought I would have. 

I decided that I have no idea, much like everyone around me, how to take on my 20s. The thought of getting deeper into them have brought on more fear than excitement especially as someone who had great, big plans. 

So how could I be more prepared for my 20s? Well, some strangers on the internet told me all of the answers. I Tweeted out for some advice, where I received hundreds of replies in forms of advice for taking on my 20s, from those who are living it, have lived it, and have something to say. You can find the Tweet linked at the end, if you need all of those 700+ bits of advice. 


22 bits of advice for life in your 20s


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You can check out the full thread on Twitter where you will see over 700 pieces of advice from all types of people of all ages.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten to take on your 20s?

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

13 Responses

  1. hanmwill

    Such a great Twitter thread and such a good idea for a post! So many great bits of wonderful advice. Happy birthday for tomorrow, lovely!! ❤ x


  2. Laura at Palette of Thoughts

    You’re tweet was so amazing and offered me so much advice as well!! You will absolutely smash your twenties, I have every faith! xxx


  3. This post! Love this post! As a 23 year old, there still so many things that are unsure for me but also a lot of things that I know I want to do and pursue. It’s always good to have a reminder to take it easy and that it’s okay if I’m not exactly where I want to be right now. I’ll get there as long as I keep walking.


  4. Chloe Jane

    I love this Lav! Super lovely to read everyone’s advice, I’m 24 and honestly I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.. and even though I’ve often panicked about that, I know that I’m still young and have plenty of time to get where I want to be – or even figure that out because I’m not even sure yet! Great post ♥️

    Chloe Chats xx


  5. Ooh I love this idea! Definitely needed to hear that “it’s okay to not always be passionate about something”. I always doubt whether I’m passionate enough about something if I ever get frustrated with it or tired of it, but that reminded me that that’s a totally normal feeling! Happy birthday tomorrow! 🙂

    Beatrice | http://www.theblissbean.com


  6. This is such an awesome idea post Lav, the fact that you have given people a resource of over 700 tips on how to go into a different season of life is incredible. I’m about to turn 20 and this post/thread is so helpful and useful to me! Thanks for being such an angel and always trying to help others out!
    Alex xx


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