Netflix Shows To Binge-Watch This Season (2019)

netflix shows to binge watch

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There is never a time that a good Netflix binge won’t fix any problem you may have, from boredom to an impending due date, it’s a surefire way to make sure that your mind is entertained. That’s the real beauty of it. That is if you can actually pick something you want to watch.

Is there a better way to be watching anything other than cozied up on your sofa, dreaming of a 4k HDR TV Panasonic TV? Probably not. So it’s time to stop rewatching Friends on a loop all day every day, and get your Netflix search bar going to add all of these binge-worthy Netflix shows to your watch list!

Binge-worthy Netflix shows this season

Schitt’s Creek

A classic story of a wealthy family being stripped to their core and living in the small and humble town of Schitt’s Creek. Had it not been for Karen Kilgariff’s recommendation of this laugh-out-loud comedy, I would not have spent my evenings cackling to myself and falling in love with Eugene Levy all over again.

Most of us are familiar with Eugene Levy in his role in American Pie as Jim’s dad, and again has recently discovered success as John Rose on Schitt’s Creek. Schitt’s Creek introduces a wealth of characters that are distant enough to find laugh-out-loud hilarious, but somehow also managing to actually want to root for the wealthy white family.

It’s a real journey of self-discovery for everyone, and what’s better is that we get to see a real family dynamic with Eugene Levy’s son, David Levy, portraying John Rose’s son.

Isn’t it romantic

This romantic comedy is exactly what you expect a romantic comedy to be, except with less leggy Barbie blondes. And isn’t that exactly what we want?

Rebel Wilson once again gives us another Fat Amy performance, and even if it’s the same character being played over and over, it’s something we enjoy. I’m not a fan of romantic comedies as much as I am of comedy comedies and true crime shows. But Rebel Wilson can make you love anything, right?

I can recommend this as a movie that’s enjoyable and easy to follow even without paying attention to it properly.

Dirty John – the documentary and the show

Dirty John was the hot topic of Netflix for a minute. If you’re a fan of true crime, this is a killer. Dirty John is the story of John Meehan and his crimes throughout his life, up until his death.

It is a true crime story told through the eyes of his final victim, Debra Newell, which you can then compare to the real deal. A few days after Dirty John premiered, came the documentary “Dirty John, The dirty truth” which is every bit as shocking and enjoyable as the series. You can see the parallels between them, and you can say that they have done a stand-up job of telling the story.

These are the top three Netflix shows that I vow as absolutely binge-worthy and can recommend if you’re looking to get hooked into your next series.

Of course, there are the honourable mentions that I have been loving, and have loved, which you can find on Netflix (if you haven’t watched them already):

  • The Ted Bundy Tapes (series)
  • You (series)
  • Get out (movie)
  • Lion (movie)
  • Get out (movie)

A healthy mix of genres in your Netflix routine can help with all the moods. Watch any mix of these to find your perfect cozy day in!

What Netflix shows are you binge watching this season?

9 Responses

  1. I really need to watch Isn’t It Romantic, every time I go on Netflix I see the trailer at the top so it makes me wanna watch it every time, but I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like! I watch a lot of Korean shows on Netflix lol, but they’re always so cute. I need to have a look at the others you have mentioned! Although I have seen You and that was pretty decent!

    Chloe xx


  2. hanmwill

    Isn’t it Romantic was so bloody good, I loved how it mocked rom-coms but still had the predictable and uplighting happy ending! Also, the musical numbers in it were so funny! Also need to start Dirty John, I heard about it a while ago but didn’t realise it was on Netflix!!


  3. Definitely need to watch Schitt’s Creek! Sounds hilarious. Also, isn’t it romantic isn’t available on my Netflix yet but I sooo wanna see it!! Great post and great picks!!❤️


  4. taralynn1973

    Wanted to try Dirty John…. Another good series is Santa Clarity Diet!!!!!! Its Hysterical, Drew Barrymore is Great in it!!! 🙂


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