The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: Fat Feisty Femme

It’s officially March – otherwise known as the best month of the year. Yes, we get women’s day, mothers day, the first day of spring, a.k.a Lav’s birthday! and a whole lot of days to celebrate the women in your life. 

The first March feature of The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide is…

Fat Fiesty Femme


Fat Fiesty Femme is an Etsy shop created, founded, and owned by Stacy Bias. In her own words, Stacy is a queer, fat, femme American expat living in London, freelancing as an animator and illustrator after having been doing art for over 20 years. You can find out more about Stacy on her website to see all the kinds of things she gets up to!

I asked Stacy a couple of questions on her shop, Fat Fiesty Femme, to which I could not have been more excited to read the answers. 

Describe Fat Fiesty Femme in 3 words…

Fat Femme Magic!

What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism means working together to increase equality for all women, with the voices and needs of the most marginalised communities centred. It means showing up, listening and then doing the work. It means owning your mistakes, learning and doing better. Intersectionality is key!

How does Fat Fiesty Femme look to empower women?

I create artful, unapologetic representations of fatness. The fat body is underrepresented in all forms of art and media. I’m doing my own small part to change that.

Lav’s Faves


“Thunder thighs” print 


Downward Dog Galaxy Edition Print


Fat Feminist Fist Print


Minimal Maximalism Print

There were way too many of my favourites in Stacy’s Etsy, that you seriously need to check it out for yourself. You can find Fat Fiesty Femme on their Etsy shop

Thank you to Stacy for being a part of this wonderful guide, and for representing all of the beautiful Fat Fiesty Femmes out there. 

You can check out the full Feminist Etsy Gift Guide here! Remember to always support small business.

4 businesses will be added to the guide each month, so by the end of the year, we will have the ultimate feminist Etsy Gift guide. 

If you would like to be featured in this guide you can find my details on my contact page or reach me on my social pages.  




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