The rules & importance of engagement for content creators

The concept of engagement is simple. You engage with someone, they engage right back… but wait… is it really that easy?

Yes… And no – unfortunately, there is a bit more to it!

One of the many struggles of being a content creator is finding your audience and the people that you want to be seeing your content. Whatever platforms you put your content out on, your engagement has to be on point. But how do you do it?

And wait! How do you do it as someone with no particular skill or talent? I, unfortunately, am one of those people.

The success of many blogs has not always been down to impeccable writing skills, photography, photo editing, or anything of the sort. But who needs the fancy cameras, monthly subscriptions to Photoshop or unlimited money to constantly be going to the most insta-worthy places?

Ok I wold love that…

But hear me out, you don’t need it when the success of your blog can be simply put down to your engagement! 

Every blog has an audience, large or small, or whether you have found it or not. Before you try to shamelessly (and annoyingly) promote your content all day every day, ask yourself:

Who do I want to be reading my content? And am I engaging with those sort of people?

But why is engagement so important?  

Think of it like this: when you go to a party, do you spend all night talking about yourself? Or do you let the other person get a word in? The conversation between two people requires interest and willingness from both parties.

If you spend all night at the party telling everyone to only listen to you, maybe one person will listen, if they are genuinely interested about a (very self-centered) stranger’s trip to the Maldives. But will they come back to also see how your grandma is doing? Don’t count on it. 

The creative side of the Internet is like that party, and if you are that individual, all you’ll get is people whispering:

“She’s asking for support but never giving any back? Yikes!”

Forms of engagement

You probably don’t have the time every day to be reading daily content from your favourite blogs, which we all understand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t engage in other forms. These are the principal forms of engagement on any social platform:

  • Commenting
  • Liking
  • Subscribing
  • Following
  • Sharing
  • Chit chatting
  • Buying their products

This will maintain both of your engagements up, it’s a win-win!

Tips for engagement

  • Make genuine friends and regularly engage with them!

Making friends in the blogging world can be easy when you go about it the right way – but more on that next week 😉 

So make friends, make genuine connections, because those people will care about you. Your content will be on their radar, that’s fab, but what’s most important is that they will want you to succeed, and thus they are more likely to encourage you and share your hard work!

I was so lucky to have made such a supportive friendship group into my first weeks of blogging. I 100% advise this!

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  • Before and after your upload a post etc. spend 30 minutes engaging with your network.

It’s better if you consistently do this every day, but if you’re stuck for time on your social media, engaging with your network before and after you put up a post will definitely increase the engagement on your own post. Because you always want to give back to the people that support you! Or at least I do.

  • Leave genuine comments!

There is nothing worse than a comment like this:

“Great post lovely. Check out my new blog post at”

Everyone appreciates that people may not have the time to engage with your posts. But you know what the worst is? Someone pretending to have engaged with it for his or her own gain. You can engage in so many other ways that are genuine and will still bring you benefits!

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, creatives inspire other creatives.

Don’t be afraid to engage with people in any form.

We all appreciate people taking the time to engage with anything we put out, and if you’re not giving it, you won’t receive it! (Unless you’re Arianna Grande, really.)

Always support! 


Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

46 Responses

  1. This is why you do so well! You take the time to talk to people… But you also bang out great content! 💛
    I think engagement is the best thing about blogging, I’m such a people person, also highly nosey so love getting to know others! 😁
    Have a lovely day!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. fox

    This is great advice. I’ve definitely found that people online want to be as supportive as possible, so it’s a must to communicate with them and support them back – it’s just good manners for one thing! Thanks for sharing your tips. Now check out my post at… Just kidding!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great post. You can check mine out at… Haha just kidding. Engagement is really important, really. Apart from the fact that my blog view have doubled, with me getting as many views in a month as I got in the whole of 2017, I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs. It’s so much fun to hear other ideas like yours but still so different.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Great post lovely…. Lol I’m joking. But PREACH. Life is give and take, in any capacity & this is no different! Maya Jama is a great example of this. She’s so active on Insta & comments and follows fans etc, responds to comments, will have a convo if you message her, and look at her success!


  5. Love this! It’s so true. I’ve come to realise also that my views etc are down when I’m feeling down and I wondered why this was and it’s because some days I don’t feel like talking when I’m feeling anxious or depressed and I didn’t eve realise that on those days I don’t engage as much!

    It’s a bit like the book ‘how to Win Friends and Influence people’ – basically the first chapter is talking about asking others questions because people like it when you think about them!

    This post is a really inspiring read! Having blogging friends is also an awesome feeling 😊

    Have a lovely Wednesday! 💜

    Jess xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The book is absolutely worth a read. It’s not too long either. It’s pretty old though but I’m sure I’ve seen like a ‘modern’ version of it as there might be some dated info!

        Thank you for posting, it was a lovely read xx


  6. Honestly this post really was great haha and it’s so true too.

    Since I’ve been engaging with people more not only has my blog views drastically improved but people have messaged me for advice and I’ve really got to know others better. It’s a great feeling connecting with others and feeling like you’re finally part of the blogging world.

    Look forward to reading your making friends in the blogging world post! 😊


  7. great post lovely! go check out my blog…

    haha no but for real thank you for sharing this post because it’s just the truth really. I honestly don’t care about people leaving their blog urls on comments because go wild sharing your blog and share the love etc.. but I really dont like people commenting those generic things that don’t even relate to your post. it happens on Instagram a lot and it’s just disappointing and makes me want to engage less with them because it’s like they haven’t even bothered to read my content (that apparently they say they have/will)

    this may be the longest comment I have ever left jeez I see how this topic gets people worked up now haha

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  8. Lav you actually NEVER fail to make me laugh 😂😂 as always I LOVE it and You’re SO on point it’s unreal! I, however SUCK at leaving comments 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ So 100% taking a leaf out of this blog post, I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE ALREADY x


  9. Great post Lav … Check me out at blah blah blah 😂 …
    I have found that you won’t always get reciprocal engagement because people like different things of course. I have read posts but not been able to comment because I just don’t know what to say, because it’s not my field. So I appreciate that not everyone is going to comment on my craft related posts for example. But hopefully things do balance out, even if you don’t get ten return comments, if you can be seen to be actively encouraging and supporting other bloggers people will become curious about your blog and seek you out for themselves. I hope that makes sense 😊
    Have a lovely day Mx


  10. This is why you’re the KWEEN of engagement and blogging friends!! I’ve recently been trying to dedicate some time in my day to engaging with people on Insta/Twitter and commenting on their blogs, if I don’t I find it super overwhelming and I always feel bad ramming my posts in their face without engaging back. I can’t wait for your post on making friends in the blogging world!!

    Love, Soph x


  11. Geraldine

    There’s nothing I hate more than people who expect the world from you but don’t bother to lift a finger when you are looking for / needing help. Maybe a RT or small comment would be nice, for sure, but definitely not like the example you provided above. It makes me wonder, if they are at all worth supporting if it’s gone like that for a while and they just stopped caring about the things you post?? I try to think of that myself cause it happens once in a while with certain people and you want to be supportive of everyone and I’d want to “do unto others as I want them to do to me” 😔

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Beautifully written! Good job, I love this post 👏🏼👏🏼

    I always try to reply and return my comments I get everyday- unless I dont get any or really dont feel like it and do it another day.. but I simply don’t wanna comment for comment either, that’s not cool. If nothing interrests me well.. i’ll go back another time!


  13. Stumbled onto this post via Twitter and just wanted to say thank you! One of the things that drives me absolutely bonkers is people expecting me to boost and engage with them all the time but never return the favor, let alone their own blog comments. My second biggest pet peeve is comments that just say ‘great post’ consistently from the same person. It makes me feel like they know I always comment back and just want to do the bare minimum; I’d much rather not get a comment at all than one that doesn’t even look like they read the post or I can reply to.


  14. As always, such a lovely post!! And you make me laugh. should probably be a website, if it’s not already. I am so glad I was able to find my group so quickly. Y’all are the bestest!! Blogging is so much work but engagement is literally the best part. It’s why we do it! Great post, lovey!!❤️


  15. Chloe Jane

    Love this!!! I’ve said before of how annoyed it makes me when people just comment ‘great post check out mine’ they obviously didn’t even read the post.. and anyway if people leave lovely comments then I’d always return the love and check out their blog too! My fave thing about Twitter is interacting with others, I love chatting to people, may that be through tweeting a conversation starter or replying on someone else’s tweet, but you’re so right, interacting and making friends is really important for your own blog success for sure, that’s why you’re so fab Lav!

    Chloe Chats xx


  16. hanmwill

    Such a great post and such good advice! There really is nothing more annoying than those comments that clearly highlight that people haven’t read your post and are just commenting for the sake of you returning! Interacting on Twitter with so many wonderful people is definitely one of my favourite things about blogging, and I hate when I don’t have sufficient time for it! Another wonderful post! 🙂 x


  17. I needed to read this. I try so hard to give more than I receive in this area of my life but…..I feel I have time to tweet, retweet, follow, pin, and join on FB…but the commenting on blogs comes a bit harder for me. I’m almost always mobile and to be honest, it’s harder for me to keep attention while reading a post and then leaving a comment. As a result, I’m slow to return comments, but I always do. Sometimes I just walk around a blog, exploring, skimming, and clicking. I wish I had two hours a day I could dedicate just to building relationships with readers! Maybe one day…..


  18. daniellepitter

    This is perfect!! I have a hard time keeping up with engagement on my social media accounts, especially IG. I do have more on my website, but it’s required to comment on order to share your own post. Kinda twisted, huh?


  19. melisssnydergmailcom

    Wonderful tips. I work all day so it’s hard for me to be that active. However, I do genuinely try to read and comment on as many blog posts as I can on my lunch and breaks. I have come to love my Twitter friends. Everyone is so supportive out there. 😍


  20. I enjoyed the real ness in your post. I found ur tips on how to engage very refreshing. I engage by posting positive videos; I do hints and tips. I’m just learning about blogging and I find it very satisfying. Thank u for sharing


  21. I really liked this post, and I entirely agree with you! The simple comments like ‘great post x’ do not make me want to check out their blog. I feel like I always (or at least try to) give out genuine comments, so I appreciate the same.
    The lack of time to engage with others is incredibly frustrating sometimes, especially with uni for example and the workload, but i feel like, as you said, it can still be possible even if it’s just a like or a comment on a twitter or instagram post as well, just let the person know you’re there and you’re seen their content.
    Well done on your blog, and thank you for always engaging with others! It does mean a lot, and I hope that you feel you get the love you spread given back to you in return. x


  22. This is a really important post for people who want to have a go at this blogging thing. I’ve just let my engagement slip recently and it’s really shown how important it truly is. It’s also so nice to have genuine interaction with people because it makes this world feel less lonely. Also I would just like to add that your skill/talent is kindness and your personality in general. It’s very obvious how genuine you are lovely and that’s why I people follow and subscribe!
    Alex xx


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