Happy Birthday Pusheen: A history of Pusheen The Cat

February 18th is our beloved Pusheen’s birthday. Yes, this fat, pizza loving, blogging cat is turning 9 years old today. How time flies.

I know many of you are big fans of Pusheen, which is why you’ve decided to come over and sit with me to discuss our favourite cat worldwide sensation. There are so many things about this little doodled blob of a cat that has made us fall in love with her for the last few years.

Pusheen has taught us many things since her debut in 2010. There are obvious messages conveyed in Pusheen’s comics, such as self-love, doing whatever the h*ll you want, and countless (but much needed) “how-to” guides. But now it’s time to dive into the history of Pusheen, because every legend and historical figure needs her story told.

Did you know? 

#1 Pusheen was created by Claire Belton – a cartoonist who loves drawing and doodling cats, alongside her partner Andrew Duff.  She is based in Chicago – yes, this makes Pusheen an American girl. 

pusheen creator claire belton
Claire’s Illustration of herself

#2 Pusheen was inspired by one of Claire’s family cats.

Her family had a few cats, including Pusheen, Tommy (nicknamed “Wommy” or “WomWom”), Beebs, and Socks (pictured below).

Pusheen's family claire belton.png
Illustration by Claire Belton


#3 Pusheen’s sister “Stormy” never actually lived with Pusheen. 

On a very unfortunate turn of events, Duff – Claire’s partner, was allergic to cats. So Claire only saw Pusheen on her visits home. However, the couple were lucky to find a type of Siberian cat which didn’t trigger Duff’s allergies.

This is the kitten which they name Stormy and is otherwise known as Pusheen’s sister. Who is often seen being involved in Pusheen’s adventures. 


#4 The name Pusheen actually stems from the Irish word “puisín”, meaning “kitten”.

Which may be just about the cutest thing you’ve heard today.

#5 Pusheen was a rescue cat.

Pusheen was rescued when Claire was 9 years old, which means she was lucky enough to have grown up with Pusheen. Thankfully Pusheen was adopted by the right people, who turned her into the most beloved cat of all time, and allowed her to live a long and happy life. In 2019 Pusheen should be 19 or 20 years old. 

#6 There have been no sighted pictures of the real-life Pusheen.

EverIt is rumoured that when you die, you are greeted with Pusheen’s real-life face as a welcome to heaven.  

Pusheen will be going down the cat hall of fame, undoubtedly, along with some of the Internet’s favourite cats such as Grumpy Cat, Hello Kitty, Bongo cat, Lil bub, and arguably my cat Aurora. 

Hi Aurora…


Let’s say a big happy birthday to Pusheen, and make sure that we share all of our favourite things about Pusheen on this day. 

29 Responses

  1. Geraldine

    Aurora is so cute! Happy birthday Pusheen! I didn’t realize she couldn’t live with Pusheen and only during visits home. 😔 Her sister stormy is so beautiful! What a cute clever idea for a post! I will now forever remember pusheen’s birthday!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chloe Jane

    This is my most favourite post ever. Happy birthday Pusheen!!! And I actually didn’t know any of the background story of how Pusheen even began, so that’s cute to know. I really wanna see real life Pusheen now! Cats are just so darn cute ❤️

    Chloe Chats xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this!
    I actually thought Pusheen was like a character made from companies like sanrio or san-x. I didn’t know it was made by just one artist and she’s from my hometown too!
    This is soo cool thanks so much for sharing, and also your cat is adorable too ❤


  4. My love for you, Pusheen, and Aurora has grown and I didn’t think that was quite possible. I’ve learned so much about our beloved Pusheen!! As much as I love living, I am hella excited to meet Pusheen’s face when it’s time for heaven. I can totally see Ben and Pusheen playing in the fields of marshmallows.😍😘


  5. hanmwill

    Such a Lav post, I love it! It was actually really interesting to read all about Pusheen as well, considering I had no idea who she was until I met you! I feel well educated! Also, the bonus shot of Aurora was amazing x


  6. Macey Gloria

    Ok, it took me a couple of days, but I finally got to read this post, and I’m so happy I did :’) You’re totally right; #4 was definitely the cutest thing I’ve heard all day. I feel so much more familiar with the world of Pusheen hehe x



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