The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: La Cienaga Art

After a whole wonderful week of Valentine’s Day (week?!) shenanigans, here we are jumping straight into the deep end again! Because Valentine’s Day may be over, but Galentine’s Day is every day, because there is no day that we stop appreciating the women around us. 

Today’s feature on The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide is…

La Cienaga Art

This is is the first shop on the guide that appears to be one of the more “radical” and alternative Feminist Etsy shops I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with. By that I don’t mean they burn their bras, although if you totally need to burn your bra I ain’t against it – bras are evil. 

Being as edgy and awesome as they are, they still convey an amazing message with many of their products. 

I spoke to the wonderful Angela, owner of La Cienaga Art to find out more about the brains behind the revolution. Here are my questions, and here are her answers! 

Describe La Cienaga Art in 3 words:

“Passion, commitment, rebellion”

What does feminism mean to you?

If I had to define the feminism that I idealise, it is a feminism without religions that oppress women, a classless feminism, without racial prejudice. Intersectional, that includes and unifies all women in the same struggle, using “sorority” as the main Tool.

How does La Cienaga Art look to empower women?

Aesthetics is a form of transgression, a public call to attention of disagreement, through which we can transmit a message upon our society.  This is why we feel satisfied in creating items with personalised messages, that each person can choose depending on what affects them and what story they want to tell. 

Lav’s faves: 

Going through a whole 9 pages of these fierce af products, it was hard to pick favourites. BUT, I did it. So now you have to check them out! 

la cienaga art lavraxlondon feminist etsy gift guide.png

Sometime’s AntiSocial, Always Feminist

la cienaga art lavraxlondon we can do it patch - feminist etsy gift guide.png

We can do it

fight like a girl patch la cienaga lavraxlondon feminist etsy gift guide

Fight Like A Girl

You can check out La Cienaga art on their Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, and website.

4 businesses will be added to the guide each month, so by the end of the year, we will have the ultimate feminist Etsy guide. 

If you would like to be featured in this guide you can find my details on my contact page or reach me on my social pages.  




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