The Sweetest Gifts

Some of these items were given to me on a gifted basis in exchange for a review.

Now that January is over we can step right back into reality. We’ve had our health kick, you’ve eaten all your kale (or whatever healthy people eat), now what time is it? Oh, yea…

It’s time to…

Or someone else! After all, one of the most celebrated, yet dreaded days of the year is coming up. And for those who are in it just for the sweet stuff, this one’s for you. One of the best ways to celebrate this day, or any day, is with one of Lav’s favourite mantras: the best form of self-care is eating all chocolate in sight. 

One of the best gifts you can give to someone is the gift of food, and you can’t really disagree with me here. But what kind of food is the best food? I’d say, the sweet stuff. Marshmallows, bubblegum ice cream, chocolates, they’re all a gift to this world and an even better gift for the people that you love!

Here are my top 3 personalised edible sweet stuff ideas for this Valentine’s day. For you, for your partner, for your cat, for anyone!

Personalised Cakes

I was so lucky to have been sent this Pugs and Kisses cake from Baker Days to review as a Valentine’s Day gift. I was so excited when it came! It came in a really nicely packaged parcel box, and I was even more impressed when I opened it.

2019-02-02 016004451117353893509..jpg

It came in a small tin – which Tomas told me to keep for his sewing stuff.

The more I unpacked it, the more excited I got. Within the box was the tin, and from the tin was a thin sheet of paper, and on top of that paper was another piece of paper saying “pull here” – I don’t think I’d ever been more excited to open a cake before.

They definitely got the build-up right and it’s something I would absolutely love as a gift.

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The presentation was just as they described, it was a beautiful little cake with kissing pugs on it, and the text with the personalised name on it. My parent’s “aw’d” so much. So did I. 

The taste was also lovely! It was rich and chocolatey- it had some chocolate chips in there. Obviously, there is a lot of icing, so if you’re not a big fan of icing you may not want to eat the pugs so much… But for the design and the personalisation, it is definitely top notch! 

You can see all of Baker Days Valentine’s day designs on their Valentine’s Day section!

Personalised Sweet Jars

I am also a big fan of the simpler things, those things that we could have made… But just… Didn’t. These personalised Valentine’s Day sweet jars from Jubbly Jars are exactly that. You can add a picture of your own on the top of the lid so it can be made for anyone! And you’ll get all the pink sweets of your dreams.  

The amazing thing about sweets, and personalised sweets, is that anyone can get them for anyone. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking Valentine’s Day is just the day for romantic love! Get your chocolates and love YASELF and everyone around you. Chocolate is easy to share. Sometimes.

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19 Responses

  1. I love the first one!! I’m thinking of getting a heart shaped pizza for my husband on vday and maybe something sweet for his bday which is also this month.
    Thanks for giving me ideas! 💐😻😻


  2. I totally agree with ya, chocolate is one of the best treats for yourself! I never have any in my house tho, makes me so sad – Ima have to go buy a load. That cake looks amazing, I’ve heard of them before and their cakes always look amazing and this one is no different! I’m so craving sweet stuff right now haha!

    Chloe xx


  3. Macey Gloria

    A personalised cake is always a lovely idea!! The sweet jars are so cute; they remind me of a similar idea–putting a special type of cookie mix in a mason jar and using that as a gift. These are lovely ideas & a fabulous Day 3 for the Countdown xx


  4. Rachel Phoenix

    Loved reading this and there’s some fantastic gift ideas! I love the personalised cake idea and of course who doesn’t love chocolate?? Xx


  5. Kim

    I’ve tried Baker Days after seeing them pop up on other blogs. I got one for my dad at Christmas and another for a family friend, they both loved them.


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