Reminders, Tips, & Motivators: For when the stats aren’t going your way.

In the world of social scores that we all set for ourselves, and that often consume more of our time than we care to admit; we may not leave enough space to remember the things that make us love what we do.

Becoming disillusioned with the idea of creating may happen often for a lot of us, especially when stats don’t go the way we want them to. 

 A lot of bloggers see full time blogging as the ultimate success. It’s a dream to not have to report to anyone but yourself, and while it’s a brilliant life, not being a full-time blogger and making money from your blog does not mean you are not a successful blogger. 


You need to take care of yourself on the outside

You have a life outside of your blog that you are kicking ass at maintaining. Your friendships and relationships, careers, hobbies, health, and all of those things require you to get up every day and work towards them.

If you don’t have time to blog for a while because you needed to spend some time taking care of yourself, that does not mean you are not successful. 

Don’t let the comparison game get to you

Being in the blogging sphere we often find those influencers with the “perfect” life, those that only go from strength to strength, from perfect tea dress to perfect joggers and messy buns, in their perfect fairy-lit, minimalistic, plant-filled bedrooms. 

You get the picture.

We like to think that someday we can achieve “perfection”, and have all of these things for ourselves, which may be why we buy into the life of these “perfect” creatures. 

The most important thing that you know, but we can also forget at times, is that no one’s life is fully ever on show. Having the perfect set of props, to staging a beautiful picture, does not give you the reality of a person’s life. Nothing will ever give you the reality of a person’s life on social media. 

Tips for when the tumbleweed is a-blowing…

Creativity nowadays often comes with the pressure of being “liked” by thousands in order to be “worthy.” 

Repeat after me…


There is no need to get a crazy amount of engagement every day. You want to attract the people that will love and appreciate what you do. 

How do you do this? Well, appreciating yourself and making sure you love your content is the best start. 

Here are some tips on how you can appreciate yourself, which in turn may increase your traffic:

Show off your blog

Showing off something that you’re proud of does not need to come across as boasting. You can be proud of the art and content that you’ve created, because it’s yours, and you can do whatever you want with it. 

Are you proud of a particular post? Show it! 

Are you proud of the new theme you just got? Show  e v e r y b o d y ! 

Are you proud simply because you feel like appreciating yourself? You damn well deserve it.

If you truly love, enjoy,  and believe in your content, you will see other people loving it too. 

Come up with a new project or series

Coming up with something exciting, new, and on-going can be one of the biggest motivators. Here are the rules to follow in order to create a successful series:

  • Make sure that you love it 
  • That’s it 
  • Be proud of your content

On a more serious note, quickly diverting from that very serious note about being proud of your content, here are some tips on how you can create a cool series (whatever that means): 

  • Involve others in it. Whether that is brands that you love, people that you love, or other creatives that you love. 
  • It’s nice to have a theme! 
  • Look out for trends in things that interest you, and create something around that!
  • Be excited about it! Because bloggers!! Get excited!! About!! Everything!!

I got way too excited when I was planning The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide because I could involve some amazing brands doing amazing things, it resonates with the theme of women power, and it’s something I know my fellow ladies out there could appreciate. 

Try to focus your attention on another aspect of blogging

Blogging… Is not actually all about your blog posts. Crazy concept. But hear me out. Blogging involves a whole lot of networking, writing, designing, pitching, supporting, reading, and the list is absolutely endless.

If you’re feeling disheartened by the number of people engaging (or not) with your content, a good idea may be to work on something that can only be gratified with your own satisfaction. For example:

  • Making some cute blog graphics – I recently started making pins and they are too cute, honestly. 
  • Change up your look – although this may result in stressing out not being able to get it back the way it was…
  • Read some other blogs – share the love! And get some inspiration (this is a really cool tip, do it anyway.)
  • Do something completely unrelated to blogging that will make you feel good, like painting your nails, going for a walk, climbing something. Whatever you want! 

Your blog is your baby, and believing that your baby is the best baby out there is definitely a thing. I can spend hours reading my blog posts, because who’s going to make you laugh more than yourself? 

Appreciate and love what you create and people will love and appreciate you for it, as well as appreciating your hilarity, wisdom, opinions, and so much more. 

Don’t be disheartened when your stats don’t go according to plan, because that’s not the only aspect of blogging that can bring you joy. You need to enjoy the process, all of it, because if you don’t, you will probably not have the best time. 

& we’re here for a good time!

35 Responses

  1. This is so motivating and full of lots of good advice! Blogging (whilst amazing) can become all consuming, so like you said it’s important to take a step back sometimes and focus on you. Thanks for sharing! x


  2. Geraldine

    Good tips Lav! I seriously just don’t bother looking at the stats cause I know I’m not doing well in that area 😂 but I have hope that it’ll rise again and that’s okay! 😍 You’re so right, it’s so much more than just making blog posts, it’s about engagement and networking and being creative with your blog! I have gone a few days without touching mine and it’s really making me sad, huhuhu….😭 Thank you for sharing girly! ❤️

    Geraldine |


  3. OMG I love love love this!! Girl you know what it’s about!!! LOVE that you’ve put be proud of your blog!! Wholeheartedly agree with being proud of something you’ve created! Even if you do cringe at some of the things you write like I do on a daily 😂😂 and I LOVE your feminist Etsy guide 🙌🏼🙌🏼 You are killing it girl 🙌🏼❤️


  4. Love this post! It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the expectations and comparison and this is just what I needed to hear to remind me why I blog. Simply to create something I can be proud of – and if one other person enjoys reading it, that’s success for me!


  5. Thanks so much for sharing this post! Your tips are so inspiring and you put into words exactly what I needed to hear about blogging right now. 🙌🏻 Thank you for reminding us all to be proud of what we are creating 💜 x

    Shannen |


  6. I feel like you wrote this just for me. I’ve been incredibly unmotivated, not with blogging but my art lately, and I feel like it just spreads through with all other aspects of my life.
    “Creativity nowadays often comes with the pressure of being “liked” by thousands in order to be “worthy.””
    This partis right here really got to me. And I just want to happy-cry right now 😭💞 Thank you Lav, you awesome human bein you.



    Great advice and something we all need to read once in a while when we aren’t feeling the love! I pinned and tailwinded your pretty picture! Sandy


  8. whew, i LOOOOOVE this post! these are all such great tips. after having a pretty good month in december I was starting to feel upset that my views weren’t as good but then I remembered as long as I love what i put out there, that’s all that matters. it’s so important to remember that your stats aren’t everything. great job lav! xx

    mich /


  9. A wonderful post with tips I will return to… I started a blog in August for no real objective and purpose… just wanted to record some experiences and thoughts mainly for myself… so this post is a great reminder that it’s mainly about enjoying the experience!


  10. alisonw30

    Wise advice and some brilliant tips! I can get a bit hung up on stats, I will try and enjoy the process more! (Actually I AM enjoying the process, I just need to ignore the stats for a bit 😂)


  11. LOVE thisssssss, this post literally summed every important thing a blogger who is struggling with their blog needs to know! I’ve definitely been there, getting so down about my stats and comparing my blog to bloody everyone elses, until I came to a realisation that the most important things is that im proud of my content and what im writing, and that really shows in blog posts. Awesome post lav xx


  12. Amazing post as always Lav ❤ I strongly believe in taking time out for yourself, when I'm feeling uninspired to write I don't want to force it so I either get inspiration from other bloggers or I just take some time out!

    Chloe xx


  13. Well, isn’t this just the best post ever from the best blogger ever?!😍 such good advice in here, Lav! Especially the part about it not being all about the blog. It can be so fun to take time to make little graphics and what not. Blogging is bae. And love the point about coming up with a series. Our women wednesdays are my favorites. And your Etsy guide is the coolest!!


  14. Lav right always being an inspiration to us bloggers. This is such an informative post. My takeaway mainly is that the bottomline of all this blogging stuff is for us to enjoy it. ❤️


  15. I love these tips. As someone who loves to analyse things, I must admit I love checking my stats, but it’s important to remember it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to blogging. I love what you’ve said about doing things other than writing blog posts and becoming obsessed with your stats, because it’s so true! I love going around and reading/commenting on blog posts from people, and discovering new bloggers, like I have with you today. I also love creating pins, too; I love constantly improving my skills and knowledge of the platform! I might not be the best at them, but I like them, and that’s the main things, right?


  16. This is something that I need to remind myself occasionally, so thank you for sharing, Lav! 💖 I sometimes feel my blog isn’t as good as the others because I still have that domain. I’ve been thinking of hosting my own blog but I’m still saving up money. But thanks to this I now realize that it’s me who defines my own success! And as long as I put all my love creating my blog contents, nothing else matters. 💫

    Tyas //


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