10 Thoughts we all had On Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch

Black Mirror's Bandersnatch netflix Title

Black Mirror has always proved to be light years ahead of its time, in as much as time exists. But an interactive episode? Please continue to blow our minds. Lo and behold… Bandersnatch. 

Like many of you who have already watched it, and many of you who are about to, I’ve just had to watch the Bandersnatch film twice. Because who is ever going to be happy with their decision when they know there was another choice? 

Black Mirror really got us there…

Whether it blew your mind until the end, or whether you found it’s novelty wore off after you had to throw Colin off a building various times, you would have found yourself noticing that Bandersnatch raises some old forgotten theories. And of course, don’t forget all of those thoughts we had when first watching it, don’t worry, we all had them. 

The 10 thoughts we all had watching Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch…

  1. What happens when we don’t choose an option on time?! Well apparently, it chooses for you… Do you think Stefan’s life would have been better if we had left it alone? Why must we intervene in everything?
  2. Stefan’s life is what we have all thought at some point. We’re in a simulation and someone is controlling everything we do. Can you imagine what kind of dumbass is controlling your life?
  3. That moment Stefan is telling his therapist he’s being controlled for entertainment… “Why are you no in a more entertaining scenario?” she says, why does this make us reflect on how much we find human pain and suffering entertaining?
  4. Why does everything have to involve murder? Oh right… Pain and suffering. Gotcha, Black Mirror! You do know us. 
  5. Sidenote: Wow, the chopping up is graphic..
  6. Bandersnatch really highlights the butterfly effect… Every little decision you make will take you down a different path – like choosing to read a book or pick up the family photo. *Cue the overthinking…
  7. Truman Show vibes! 
  8. The reality of drugs is that they can really make you do crazy things. We thought Stefan would be well after throwing himself off a building, after all, it is a movie. But after all… It is Black Mirror.
  9. Do you think Black Mirror timed people’s reaction time on making decisions? For the most, any time we are given a choice, we click the decision just as Stefan is about to do whatever it is we chose… Or maybe some of us have really late reaction times. Woopsies.
  10. Stefan is living all of his “alternative” lives through all of our screens, giving him all the choices he has. And all of them are awful. There are just too many levels to this.

Just when we thought Netflix couldn’t get more into our minds, they show us exactly what we want, and lets us think we had a choice in creating it. 

But we love it, right?

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24 Responses

  1. Geraldine

    I’ve never watched nor heard of this (because I live under a rock LOL) but it’s really interesting to be reading this ahead of time… so should I ever decide to watch it, I know what I’ll be in for!! 🤣


  2. I’ve just finished this. I’m a huge black mirror fan and was so looking forward to the next series. Now this film on the other hand left me a bit meh. Unsatisfied because I felt we had to pick too much. If we picked the wrong thing it threw us in to a loop. Obviously telling us choice is only an illusion. I couldn’t sit back and enjoy because there was so much interactive bits if that makes any sense. I’m really hoping the next series is coming in January.
    Anna xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. so i’m probably the only person on the planet that hasn’t seen any of this black mirror show, but i’ve seen sooo many people talk about it that i think in the new year i’m gonna cave and watch it. x

    mich / simplymich.com


  4. Okay, I watched this today and like WHAT THE HELL?!?! The people I was watching it with, we were all just mind blown. I still am. And it like didn’t have an ending. I JUST WANTED AN ENDING. AHHHH. It is crazy when the therapist is like “why wouldn’t it be more entertaining?” and we all just looked at each other like WHAT IS WRONG WITH US for enjoying this?! LOL! Anywho, I don’t even know what to say. I am so confused. But thank you for this post. I will continue to try to wrap my mind around all things Black Mirror.


  5. eh, I was underwhelmed. After the novelty of making choices wore off I wound the actual story very dull. As far as it being a meditation on our fixation on pain and suffering, Haneke’s Funny Games does a way better job without the chore of deciding for the characters.

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  6. hanmwill

    Really need to make time to watch this because I keep hearing things about it and I need to be in the know!!! Might try and convince Mike to watch it this weekend 🤔


  7. I loved Bandersnatch so much it was so meta! I mean you could spend hours and hours choosing different options and endings etc, I’ve even heard that there are heaps of secret/hidden endings which is so cool! Black Mirror is seriously one of the best shows out right now


  8. I found it disatisfying. I ended up letting the TV choose my paths.. And for the so called amount of footage.. It was over so quick. Felt you didn’t really have time to absorb anything before making decisions. I’m not sure.. I think this is the worst episode they’ve done so far. Interesting to see other people’s opinions on it though.. I like to watch TV or a programme and get into it.. And I never really got into it


  9. melisliving

    I found it kinda stressful to watch as what if I picked the wrong option ha! Probably need to watch again like you… agree with all these points! Melis x


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