12 lessons in 12 months

I was tagged by my blogger friend Hannah from JNSQ blog to do this 12 lessons in 12 months. I first thought… Who is going to read this? Because really, who cares about a stranger’s life on the internet, right? Well, apparently a lot of you do, and apparently, a lot of you still don’t know me very well… 

So here’s a good start. I tried to keep this post fairly positive because I ain’t getting anyone down today. Here are the 12 lessons that I learned in 2018, all with something you probably didn’t know about me! 

January – It’s never too late to pick up a hobby.

At the beginning of the year, I started doing makeup for the first time. By makeup, I mean eyeshadow, and by the first time, I mean actually doing it properly.  I’m still not the best… But you can definitely see the progress here… 




February – Community is important

I got to see one of my favourite bands (Architects) live and it made my whole life. I realised (again) how important to me it was to be surrounded by my kind of people. 

March – My birthday will NOT suck from now on

I have never been a fan of my birthday. And I hope someday, someone will make me feel excited about it. But for now, I learned that next year I’ll make my own fun ❤️ (slight shade at ex-boyfriend).


April – You can fall in love with anyone at any time

On the 31st of March my friend (who was also my flatmate) invited me to her work drinks. What came from that was me falling head over heels with a guy. After 4 years with my ex-boyfriend, I couldn’t ignore it and I broke it off with him. Wild

May – Plan for your dissertation

Dissertation topics are important. I decided I wanted to do a dissertation only once I got back to university – a bit too late, yet somehow I was still allowed to do it… My topic was decided at the last minute and it was stressful work. Just plan it all in advanced if you can!

June – Your family are your friends

I’ve always struggled to have a good friendship with anyone in my family. I went on a holiday with them to Portugal, my first family holiday in probably nearly a decade. I found that getting over my anxiety of speaking to them was a lot easier this year with the help of certain situations, and now I couldn’t be more grateful. 

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July – Dress shopping is a pain last minute

For some reasons, I decided to leave my graduation dress hunting until the last minute. Getting any dress for any occasion is a task you need to probably do 10 years in advanced. Well, I managed to actually get a dress. Oh, and I managed to graduate in it!

Look at me go!

August – Post uni depression is a real thing. 

This is a phenomenon that isn’t well known amongst people that aren’t former university students. But it’s real and it hits hard. I’m doing my own research on this subject since being struck by it quite badly. 


September – Sales is the worst job you could ever do

I worked as a saleswoman for a month graduating university. And then got fired in September… I was miserable. It was the worst job I had ever done. It was my first 9-5 job and although it ruined my soul, I managed to learn a lot from it. 


October – Dogs are our best friends

I had always known it. But this year I lost my best friend of 11 years. A little Westie named Ben. My heart still breaks not having him here. I never took him for granted, but after his death, I only started seeing everyone else’s relationships with their dogs. It’s a beautiful thing! 

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November – Blogging is a girl’s best friend…

Am I right?! I only started my blog in September, and the past 3 months have been nothing but support. A lesson I was more than happy to take in. Loving it. Killing it. 

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December – Don’t worry about titles

The guy I fell in love with back in April apparently didn’t want to make my life easy and just make me his girlfriend. I learned to be fine with it because I focused on myself and now I have nothing but love for myself (him too, but most importantly, me!) I will never worry about titles again knowing that I have a badass self to love and support (again, me).

Thank you to Hannah again for tagging me in this post that I’m sure maybe only 4 people will read… I would like to tag: 

Hannah from Hanmwill      Abby from MyLifeLines     Alison from Little blog of positivity

57 Responses

  1. hanmwill

    I LOVE THIS!!! I feel like I know you that little bit better now and you sound as badass and amazing as I thought! Thanks for tagging me, can’t wait to do it ☺️💕


  2. I love this post Laura! I checked out your posts about Ben and struggling with your family and I really love them too! I cried a bit ❤ I struggle with my family too. I’m not close to anyone and there was a time I hated them but I’m reaching out to them now and they cam be quite nice. Sometimes, I even feel like a real member of the family lol.
    Your tips are amazing and I’m glad you learnt so much. I hope you’re happy 🤗😍❤


  3. Macey Gloria

    What a year of growth! You went through a lot in most areas of life it seems, but you’ve grown from that, and that’s always amazing to watch/hear about. Congratulations on graduating! & leaving dress shopping to the last second is something I still do smh; I actually have a fancy Christmas party on Sunday & have yet to find the perfect dress. Tbf I have gone out shopping, just haven’t found one I like yet :/



  4. Sheesh, I’m crying a lil and I love you a LOT. Such an amazing year you’ve had. So many lessons learned. I saw a common theme of ill preparation… maybe that’ll be one of your 2019 goals. 😉 Thanks for sharing!! I still think about Ben and that amazing Hogwarts post you did. My heart weeps a little every time. Love you so much!<3


  5. I’ve enjoyed reading this and getting to know you better through it. I would second what Abby said about the theme is procrastination this year, perhaps make this year about being more proactive? You’ve already begun by being on top of this blog, so moving in that direction!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Laura at Palette of Thoughts

    This is such a great tag and I absolutely loved getting to know you more over this post!! It sounds like it’s been a year with lots of highs and lows and I can’t wait to see where things take you in 2019!! 💖💖💖


  7. Chloe Jane

    I loved reading this! This is such a fab post and I feel like I know you so much more, which is lovely because you’re fab and I love ya. I totally think I experienced the same thing leaving uni, I was extremely miserable for a long time. It wasn’t until I got a job that I felt better which was like 6months after it so I was unemployed for that long and it was hell. I’d love to see a post on that too, I might research too because I definitely want to see if it’s an actual thing! I hope the new year brings you all the happiness you deserve, and that your blog will continue to glow ♥️

    Chloe Chats xx


  8. alisonw30

    See, you got more than 4 views! Loved getting to know you more. Please teach me how to do eye make up! I always end up looking like I’ve got a black eye! So sorry about Ben, the loss of a pet hurts so much 😢


  9. How lovely it is to read everything that you’ve learned this year, I’m happy for you Lav! I feel so grateful to have known you and now, I got to know you better through this post 😘 you have been so kind, warm and thoughtful to everyone girly!!!! You deserve all the love and support ❤️ also, self love is the most important thing!!!! Never sleep on it xx



  10. Jane@abfabtravels.com

    That has been quite a year for you! I cannot believe you have only been blogging since September though – you seem to have it all sorted! I think more than anything what comes across reading this is that you are now comfortable in your own shoes. That is a great place to be. I am going to look back at what I have learned this year and do this exercise for myself. Thank you for sharing. x


  11. This is such a cool tag, you’ve been on quite a journey this year! it’s good to take stock of what we’ve been through and how we’ve grown, and it was fascinating being able to do that with you, and I feel like I know you better now! I think I’d like to do this myself, even if it’s only in my journal. Thank you for sharing xxx


  12. Hi lovely

    I am so sorry to read about Ben that broke my heart. You have had an active years will heart ache along with joy.

    You are only young we will kiss a lot of frogs along the way.

    You have one live whatever you do never settle for second best you are worth more

    Great post I really enjoyed reading it xx


  13. Geraldine

    Aww how cute!! I still haven’t learnedHow to apply eye shadow yet and honestly I don’t think I will anytime soon. That is a crazy story about falling in love at anytime girlllll but you do you!! That’s amazing ❤️ you totally are killing your blog! You disappear for a month or two cause of work but whenever you post your peeps got your back and you have amazing views 😂 I know you’ll be even more amazing next year! 🤩


  14. kattieh

    I loved reading this! It sounds like you’ve grown so much. I can totally understand how you hated that sales job. I worked retail when I was at Uni and it was the worst. I’m not a customer service type person 😀 Love is a tricky thing, it’s so easy to fall in love. But just know that there is someone perfectly suited to you out there! Take the time to be you! It’s so important to love yourself and be happy with who you are. Also, I LOVE your blog!


  15. Aww girll I really feel like I know you a bit better, I learned so much about you! I love how personalized this post was😍 I can ALWAYS relate to you, like the part you said about your birthday!!! I’m like that too, I over fantasize and it ends up breaking my own expectations. One day someone will make it special though💕 So proud of you and your blog!!! Love you girl!!❤️


  16. Ahh what a woman! 🙆‍♀️
    Congratulations on graduating! Last minute dress shopping is a thing of nightmares isn’t it!
    I’m really sorry to read about your Westie though, my heart breaks for you! Can’t even begin to imagine.
    So happy I’ve found your blog! I’ll be happily stalking you on every social media platform from now on! 😄 x


  17. 2018 sounds like a big year! I left graduation dress hunting until the last minute too and ended up ordering about 30 online two days before… that was stressful! Also post uni depression is definitely a thing we should talk more about, I know so many people who have struggled!
    Hazel x


  18. melisliving

    This is such a nice idea! Great to look back on in a few years as well. Really good to get to know you a little more. I think I’m going to write one for 2018 today, thanks for the inspiration! Melis


  19. Love this! A great idea for a post. It shows us how much we learn over time and how we must use these lessons for the future. I have graduated and have non-stop been contacted by recruiters trying to get me into sales… I have heard so many horror stories of this job and reading what you have said, I will definitely not be doing it. I have never wanted to work in sales anyway, maybe retail, but not in an office. Thanks for the great post! Keep it up…

    Have a look at my blog if you’d like! I would really love some opinions on it!


  20. Mrs Nuttall Says

    I love this idea of looking back a thing a month for the past year rather than bullet listing the things we have learnt throughout. Refreshing too read! Only started blogging in September WOW you’re blog ascetic is amazing. Keep it up girl x


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