She In The Home Giveaway

Earlier this month I was lucky to have won a giveaway by the founder and owner of She In The Home, a small, independent home and giftware shop set up in August 2018. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 14.39.46.png

The owner, Rebecca Ellis, founded the shop as an extension of her own blog and I am more than happy to call her a fellow blogger friend and a wonderful woman.

Unfortunately, She In The Home will be closing on the 21st of December (let’s all wave a sad goodbye to this adorable little shop. Cry.)

You do have a last chance to buy anything that is left from She In The Home with 50% off your order with the code ‘CLOSE50‘.

The giveaway prizes 

As soon as I saw this giveaway I followed, retweeted, tagged all my giveaway buddies. You know the ones you annoy with all your giveaway posts? those. 

These are all of the lovely things I won!


  • The ultimate blog planner notebook 
  • A blog planner notepad 
  • A purple notebook from Paperchase 
  • Two encouraging cards from Martha Brook 
  • Perfume samples of “Olympea” by Paco Rabanne

Here is a closer look at the “Enjoy today” and “Just start”


And at the blog planner. The blog planner notebook has the same layout as this notepad. 


And the blog planner is so beautiful!


These have helped me a bunch and I encourge you all to follow the lovely Rebecca Ellis into the new year with her rebranding. A lovely person! 

Which one of these was your favorite? 


22 Responses

  1. Geraldine

    That eau de parfum card looks lovely!! That blog planner notepad looks really cool too although I’m not organized enough to use it regularly!! And congrats on winning that girly ☺️ I can t believe she is closing down!!! Such cute stuff! 😨


  2. Lellow

    I have a secret addiction to stationary and these are so adorable! I’m always looking for new cute little blog planners on Etsy and I’m sad to have found such an amazing store with a close deadline approaching.
    Great read girl!
    xo B


  3. Chloe Jane

    Omg I love it all, it’s all so pretty ♥️ I have such an obsession with stationary things, I often buy planners and notebooks because they look so cute even if I don’t need another one.. haha. I love the planner notepad though and the quotes, and the ultimate blog planner notebook.. ok I just love it all !

    Chloe Chats xx


  4. The blog planner looks cool, im coming to the end of mine now so need to get a new one for 2019! But i was lucky enough to work with Rebecca on 2 blog posts (i wont link them because it’ll probably flag my comment up as spam) she so kindly gifted me a makeup bag and the cutest little cushion and i admire her blog and company so much, when she announced she was closing i ordered like 4 things because i wanted to support her and of course all her items are sooooooo cute, i might place one final order when i get paid the day before her shop shuts!!


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