I forgot my blog goals?!

I don’t want to think there is a direct correlation between goal setting and achieving good stats for your blog. But it seems that’s what happened here… At least in the social media department. I forgot to set goals for myself and over the past 11 days, my social media has slowed down immensely. I’m not saying there’s a complete correlation… But imma not be the one to jinx anything. 

So here it goes!

December is the first month (out of a whole three months – (sarcasm intended) that I haven’t set goals for my blog. Honestly, I was too busy, my internship life has taken up all my time. I didn’t look over the goals I achieved last month, but if you want to see how well I did you can look at my last goals post.

Because I know how nosy people are, I assembled a smol graphic here to pretty much tell you how I did (blog-wise)… Some good, some not so much.
I physically couldn’t handle posting a minimum of twice a week, but I still feel like that would beneficial, and now maybe that I’m figuring out that work/blog/life balance, maybe I can do it.

Blog followers is always a little slow, but I did hit my target (yay!).

Social media followers is what has impressed me the most, especially knowing how hard some of these platforms are to grow. Instagram I’m looking at you.

I additionally managed to get a brand collaboration, which was not in my list of goals, I thought my baby blog wouldn’t be approached by any brands! Point of the day: Believe in yourself and put yourself out there and no matter what, just try to score those collabs.

As to blog stats – views etc. I feel like they are at a steady pace for now and I have loved it. October was an amazing month for views, November not so much as I only posted 3 posts. Woops. But now I’m (trying to get) back on track with regular posting! 

December Goals

What is your biggest December goal? And can you help a girl out on achieving any of these?

If you want to read more posts like this check out my lifestyle work and nosy away.


Feature Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

26 Responses

  1. Good luck with your new goals Lav. My tips for posting more often would be to always carry a notebook and pen with you, or use the wordpress phone app to make notes about possible blog posts. Then draft a few lines each day, finishing the post on the computer if you prefer. Get ahead of yourself by making use of the scheduler on wordpress and use hootsuite to post to your social media. It takes away so much of the hard work. Love and hugs Mx

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  2. Chloe Jane

    Well done on your November goals, even though you didn’t post much on your blog you’ve still done amazing! Good luck with your new goals, I’m sure you’ll smash them, I feel like sometimes even if you don’t post many blog posts, if you’re active and chatting to others on social media it really helps ♥️

    Chloe xx


  3. You’re doing just as amazing without even trying, Lav! I know you’ll hit your December goals in no time ❤️ I haven’t set any goals yet for this month but I feel I need to take a mini break from my blog as it took up so much time last month. I wanna dedicate the whole month for my family and friends! But of course, I’m still here to support. ALWAYS!



  4. Geraldine

    Jesus those are some great accomplishments Lav! And you’ve been working lately, how do you do it 🤣 it definitely is super important to have goals set (I’m saying this as I don’t have defined goals for December 😂) I definitely wanna write my own media kit someday! Those are such great goals girly. I know you’ll be about to tackle all of them cause you’re amazing!! 😘

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  5. lonieshap

    Proud of you for accomplishing most of your goals for November! I’m here for it! But remember not to stress yourself out trying to meet certain numbers. All that matters is you’re growing! xx

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  6. Lellow

    Keep it up girl, you’re doing amazing! Good luck with your goals this month(:
    had to delete an old site this month and restart from scratch so my goals have been a bit off from what I had hoped in December. On the other hand the one goal I am working toward is setting myself up for an amazing 2019!
    Very excited to see what’s in store this month!

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  7. I’m proud of you girlie! My December blogging goal is just to keep this steady and chill and plan things when 2019 hits – I’m planning a rebrand and comeback in March, watch this space 😉


  8. You’re just killing it!! You’re such an inspiration to those of us who are also just starting out, and I’m sure you can accomplish all these goals. (Also, side note, I know I will eventually need a media kit, but I have no idea what they really are or how to make one haha)


  9. I love this post! I always find that when I set myself goals, I’m a lot more productive, but it can also make me really stressed too. My main goal for this month is to hit 2000 on Twitter, but I’m not sure if that’s very realistic!


  10. Best of luck achieving your goals Laura! It’s already half-way in the month. How have they been?! I just followed you on IG. I hope you get to 1.5k. Instagram is so so annoying!
    My major December goal was to get 2k views on my blog but I spent 1 week writing a single post so it’s doubtful I can achieve that 😂😂

    Taiwo xx


  11. Good luck with your month’s goals! You’ve inspired me to take a more serious approach to mine. It never actually crossed my mind to set goals. I kinda went with the flow but I guess I found this post just in time for my new year goals- thank you


  12. Thanks for sharing your goals! I am working (for the first time) on developing goals for my blog and a vision board. I love doing my blog, but I think it will be helpful to map out what I am hoping to achieve at the end of the day. Your goal lists have helped to get my mind thinking on what types of goals I should be having.
    You had mentioned in your post about an internship. This is the first post of your blog I have read, so I don’t know if you have mentioned it elsewhere, but what type of work are you doing in your internship (if you are comfortable sharing)? I like learning about everyone’s ambitions and career paths, because we are all so unique.


  13. alisonw30

    Looks like you smashed your goals to me! I’d love to post twice a week too. I’ve finally managed that this week but now I probably won’t post till after Christmas, which will be more than a week, ho hum! I like Marie’s tips on how to do this. I also wrote one post which needed research and one which was easier and didn’t this week. So maybe that’s a way forward too 🙂


  14. kattieh

    I really love how you have a checklist for your blog goals. I might make one too! It’ll make it easier for me to remember my goals!! I always carry a notebook and pen with me if I get inspired when I don’t have my laptop with me!


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