Another Monthiversary?

Here I am, holding my three-month-old baby Lavrax Blogs in my arms, thinking about how time flies. Wondering when I’ll begin having that love-hate relationship with it. Or wondering if I’ll be one of the lucky ones that bring up the perfect, non-problematic child (maybe. Hopefully). 

Today marks my third whole month of blogging (congratulations to me!) So if you’re here today it means:

  • You’re being nosy (that’s ok I’m nosy too)
  • You’re a supportive friend (and I love you)
  • You somehow accidentally clicked this link, but don’t worry, it’s fate. You’re meant to be here right now. Please don’t leave me. 

Just like I did last month, I wanted to tell you all about the achievements, struggles, joys, and advice, but one month wiser!


  • My first brand collaboration went live yesterday with the wonderful No Faux Vegan in the form of an amazing giveaway which you can join over on my Instagram I mean, who wouldn’t want to win this bag?


  • I have somehow managed to keep engaging with all of my socials, which is very hard with a 9-6, Monday-Friday timetable… 
  • And I have managed to build my social media following by a lot more than I expected!

What I’ve loved

  • I have connected with even more of you! We have some new people in our gang, including Chloe and Whitney, and I have made even better friends with some of you, like beth and Ethan
  • Most importantly I have loved the constant support despite having neglected my blog for the past month… Woops?


  • We all had a bit of twitter drama… You know the one. 
  • Regular posts. My internship has kept me bust, and on top of that, my charger broke. So, blogging has been a hassle and I refuse to write posts on my phone… 
  • With fewer posts comes fewer views, I’ve struggled with it but I’m just happy to still have people checking up on my blog every once in a while. You guys are the best. 


  • Stay true to your identity when blogging. Don’t try to force content or fake a personality, people will be able to see through that. It’s you that’s going to get you your friends, your collaborations, and your support.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! This month I needed the help of my friends to create my giveawaybecause it was something new. Thank you Abby and beth by the way. I also had to have my work friends take pictures of me, which was something extremely daunting as I have always been painfully shy. But I think they came out alright, and I can’t believe I did it. 

Thank you for the last 3 months, and if you have any advice for all of us baby bloggers,  please share!

If you would like to read my monthiversary posts from my first two months, you can read month 1 here and month 2 here.

On a side note, when is your blogging monthiversary/anniversary? 

Credits: Feature Photo by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash

31 Responses

  1. I love you so much!!! I’m so happy you did this, and I’m so so happy we met. Happy Monthiversary, you beautiful, wonderful person. 3 months in and you’re absolutely nailing it.

    I’m crazy proud of you, and I can’r wait to see you continue to be amazing here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww this was so lovely to read, I’m so glad I have been able to join the gang, I love you guys ❤ Your blog is amazing, and even if you don't post that much you're still so active and supportive on social media and it's lovely to always have someone like you to chat to! xxx


  3. Happy 3 monthiversary! And here’s to many more! You’re such a positive light and I look forward to seeing you progress in your journey! I wish you the best!

    P.S. I’m in my 3rd year blogging 🙂 Time really does fly by!


  4. So glad we found each other! I don’t remember if I followed you or if you did first, or where we found each other but it’s just nice seeing your posts lol
    My blog ani is on November 2017! Or March 2018 … not sure if I should count the date I went self hosted or the date I started on worpdress ??


  5. First of all, happy monthiversary Lav! What a journey it has been, I’m so proud of all your achievements and I’m so lucky to have you as one of my online friends! ❤️ your positive energy towards life attracts everything wonderful that’s why I’m not surprised that you have been so successful in just 3 months of blogging! Keep the fire burning, love! I’m sure there’s more monthiversaries to come!!! xx



  6. Girl I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come in three months, I’ve got all the love and respect for you bc you work your ass off and you support nonstop. I can’t wait to see how far this goes for you and congrats on your first brand partnership it’s awesome! It’s so true to you and so deserving! Keep being amazing boo!
    Alex xxx


  7. myspottedblog

    Happy Monthaversary! What an incredible update. You’ve accomplished so much in three months! I remember you started just before me and I’m floored by your success. I love your tip to stay true to yourself. I think it’s easy to get caught up in who or what you think you should be. I’m excited to see how large you keeping growing.

    Cheers xx

    Rachel |


  8. You’re doing so well and I can’t believe that you have only been blogging for that long- I thought that you had been doing it for years! You’re an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see where you go in 2019 xxx


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