“El Día De Las Velitas” A Colombian Christmas

Since the start of my blogging journey, I have been looking and looking for a fellow Colombian blogger. I have found people from all sorts of Latin American countries, but why is it that we can never find what we’re looking for? This is when we have to become that person that you want to find.

People have been sharing their Christmas traditions all over the gaf for the last 7 days, which has made me feel extremely inadequate realising that my festive traditions are always ultra boring.

Or that’s what I thought… Until I came home today, to find this on my kitchen table… 


Turns out my 10 years of living in my home country wasn’t enough to engrave in my head that December 7th is the day of candles in Colombia. 

El día de las velitas 

Literally translated to “The day of little candles”, el día de las velitas is a Colombian festive tradition beginning on the 7th of December and ends at the crack of dawn on the 8th of December. Marking the beginning of the Christmas season in Colombia. 

Lanterns and candles are placed all over the house, whilst neighbourhoods normally all join in to light up their streets. 

What does it celebrate?

It celebrates Virgin Mary and the immaculate conception. As a religious country, everyone joins in, but the tradition varies from city to city. 

For me it was never really seen as a religious thing, I was too busy dipping my fingers in wax to notice all of the Virgin Mary lanterns around me. But I guess that would explain my love for the “holy” aesthetic… 

So all the candles in my house have been lit! Reminiscing all the warm nights I would have as a kid. 

It seemed crazy to me how I could have forgotten something that I enjoyed so dearly in my childhood. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone’s festive traditions and I am happy that I have a beautiful celebration to share with you too. 

Where are you from, and what is your favourite Christmas tradition? 

Credits: Featured Photo by Paul Robert on Unsplash

26 Responses

  1. Paula |The Value of a Moment

    I just love that you’re sharing your tradition with us!! Thank you!😘😘 I’m ALL IN for a celebration centered around candles! (Head To basement to get ALL the votives…) I’ll be celebrating along with you in a few minutes!! 😘❤️


  2. alisonw30

    I didn’t know about this tradition, candles are so lovely 😊 Loved learning more about your culture. Happy little candles day, sorry that I’m a bit late! Xx


  3. I love hearing about other people’s traditions, I actually didn’t know about many until this year because of blogging and reading so many blog posts about different traditions and I love it. I love that we can show people what our traditions are and I love learning about others! I feel like the English Christmas traditions are pretty boring haha, but I do have my own lil tradition where every year I buy new pj’s and I wear them on Christmas Eve so I wake up on Christmas Day wearing them and it always makes me feel so festive, and it’s pretty nice having new pj’s every year!

    Chloe xx


  4. So pretty!
    I noticed in the churches I’d go to there would be candles by mary and it always looked so pretty! It’s interested how many cultures are kind of similar in a way hehe

    In mexico they do something called dia de la virgen de guadalupe. I wasn’t really taught like the official holidays, but I’m aware of there being a special day in December where many tribes dance for miles and the final destination is a big church to celebrate the virgin. That’s in Durango Mexico where my mom’s from, but I hear lots of places in Mexico do it similarly. In some churches of mexican towns here in the u.s they will celebrate it with aztec dances of some sort, it’s so fun!

    Nice to read about Colombian culture since I don’t know much about it at all and I never really see many spanish speaking bloggers, so thanks for sharing your traditions! ♡
    ― Kiki

    P.S I def feel the same about not finding the kind of bloggers we’re looking for. some bloggers just don’t mention where the’yre from so it’s hard to tell lol (like me, oops)


  5. anaslilblog

    Wow, this sounds mega cute! It is so nice to learn about traditions from other cultures etc because people get so used to their own. I am Portuguese, but have grown up and lived in England all my life, so I witness the kind of ‘typical’ Christmas festivities. x


  6. Love the pictures of the candles! I live in Germany and there are churches here with the same pretty atmosphere 🙂 Just the right thing for getting people in the Christmas spriit this time of year


  7. so beautiful, we have a similar tradition in the Presbyterian Chruch. We light a candle each week of advent with the Christ candle being lit on Christmas eve. I only experience it during our Christmas eve service because I don’t go to church as often as I should but I still love experiencing it every year. have a wonderful christmas ❤️

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