Happy Monthiversary, Lavrax!

If you’re reading this it means you:

  • For some magical reason, have stumbled upon my blog
  • You are a lovely supporting friend here to read my work ( I LOVE YOU
  • I linked you to read my latest blog post!
  • Or you accidentally clicked on that link…

Today marks my second whole month of blogging (congratulations to me!) and I am so excited to share with you what’s been going on, what I’ve done, and where it’s led me. 

I never expected to have made anything out of my blog or any of my social platforms, but I am now determined to make it into something great. Not big, just great. 

I wanted to tell you some of my greatest blogging achievements in the past 60 days of blogging because I’m all for celebrating successes. 

  • I have managed to round up 720 of you on Instagram and 1,703 of you on Twitter. 
  • I was approached on Instagram by a small beauty brand to review one of their products!
  • My Hollywood wax post was asked to be featured on the Luxury Wax Bar page – a beauty bar in London. 
  • I’ve got an apprenticeship which I wouldn’t have got without the experience of blogging! And I am loving it so much.

I also shared some of my favourite things about blogging, struggles, and advice in my last monthiversary post which I want to do again as I am now 30 days wiser! 

What I’ve loved

  • I can never say it enough. This community and the support that bloggers give other bloggers is everything. 
  • I love that there is so much potential for opportunities for bloggers.
  • I love that it’s our own space, and pretty much our own brand. We have the freedom to create everything the way we want it. 


  • I have kind of overcome the whole issue of not having pictures for blog posts. But a struggle I’ve faced and that I’m slightly overcoming is taking my own pics. You can see my Instagram to see how I’m doing (probably not as good as I think). 
  • Finding a balance between full time work and blogging. My aim was to post 3 times a week and in hindsight that was a bit ambitious considering how tired I feel after doing literally anything.


  • Find time to unplug. Once you get tired of looking at your computer/phone screen you’re going to need something to distract you. I have found reading, colouring, napping etc. so relaxing recently. 
  • I have heard so many people saying they feel like a “failure” as a blogger. You can be whatever type of blogger you want, don’t let other people’s blogs make you feel bad about where you are with yours. 

I would love to know what you’ve loved about the blogging world, all your struggles, and all of your advice for a 2-month blogger!

Also, tell me all about your successes! Let’s hear them x


29 Responses

  1. Aww congrats on your 2 monthiversary! You’ve done incredibly well and I always love reading your blog, seeing your Instagram pictures, and your tweets! My favourite things about blogging is the positivity it brings to my life, blogging has really helped my mental health and I just love it 🙂 It’s always lovely to have a little chit chat to other bloggers too!

    Chloe xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Geraldine

    Congrats you lovely lady!! I can’t believe it’s been two months only, I feel like you’ve been blogging for a while now!! 😄 You are doing so well and I know even though you’ve got a job now, you will continue to do just as well with your blog!! If you find that perfect work life balance, lemme know! I might get a full time job too and I will need that!! 🙈


  3. You are kicking some serious ass!! Your blog is fantabulous and you are such an amazing, genuine person. Love getting to know you!! Keep at it. All of my love❤️, Abby!


  4. Congratulations on two months! We’re coming up on our second month this month, too 🙂

    You’ve gotten some great opportunities so far, you’re doing brilliantly!
    I definitely agree on both of your advice; it’s important to unplug and get some time away from the screen – and everyone’s experience in blogging is different, as long as you’re enjoying your journey – that’s the main thing.

    My main success so far with blogging is how much I’ve grown. I’m learning new things, discovering methods that help me mentally and help improve my lifestyle – that’s been an incredible gain overall. There’s a lot to love about blogging!

    All the best to you in the future, you’re doing incredible 🧡

    Chelsea | https://twoofamind.com


  5. Congrats girl, you’re absolutely killing it!! I agree so much with the pictures thing, I’ve found it hard to include pictures of myself in my blog posts or anywhere else really i don’t even know why, but I’m trying to overcome that and put some up in my last post! You’re doing so amazing keep it up! xx


  6. alisonw30

    Well done on your two monthiversary! I’m not very far in front at just over three months now. My favourite thing is definitely the blogging community and I also love, as you say, owning my own brand. I think it’s awesome that blogging has also led to your apprenticeship! Well done again!


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