October Goals Review & #LavsNovGoals

October has been a massive month for Lavrax Blogs. It was my first full month of blogging and I have been loving it. I achieved more than I thought I would and I have connected with so many people. First of all, thank you to you all who have been with me in this past month, through all my crazy/weird and good moments. Your support and love is invaluable. 

I had certain October goals if you want to read those in more detail… But I assembled some cute little graphics because I want to make my accomplishments look even better.

My Blog Goals


I made it to all of my goals, given I had so much free time to achieve them I actually went beyond them. 

My Personal Goals

20181101_212943_00018917368195468294378.pngMost of my personal October goals were smashed – admittedly, I feel like I massively underestimated myself and these goals now appear to have been too “easy”. 

I did all of the above, including video chatting with Abby. 

The was one that I was disappointed to no accomplish the most was finishing my book, The Power by Naomi Alderman. It has been a fantastic book so far, yet I cannot seem to finish a physical book. 

November goals 

For my November goals, I wanted to aim a little higher and dig a little deeper. 

Here are #LavsNovGoals.

My Blog Goals 


Due to my recent change in employment status (look at me showing off…) I will have a little less time to dedicate to Lav Blogs. However,. I will still try my best to: 

  • Post twice a week minimum, but aiming for 3. 
  • Keep my content standards high, and get them higher. If anyone sees me slacking content-wise, let me know. 
  • Buy props for blog pictures. I’ve been so inspired by IG recently!
  • Create a solid layout for my IG page. It’s currently improving, but I want it to be better. 
  • Reach 250 blog follows. 2,000 Twitter followers. 700 Instagram followers. 
  • Just get the hang of Pinterest even a little bit. 

My Personal Goals 


My personal goals are definitely making me so excited for November.  

Here is my full list of personal goals:

  • Work on some business plan ideas that I have. I’ve recently become very inspired. 
  • Get halfway through my post-university mini research project. I’m so excited about the number of people participating in this!
  • Go to any firework event that I can, I want to see the pretty lights in the sky.
  • Go to the Chiswick Lantern Festival. I went two years ago. If you’re in London and want to check it out, I seriously recommend it. 
  • Start reading “Talking with serial killers.” Because it looks like a book I would actually finish.
  • Keep developing my writing style. There are so many things motivating me to do this right now. 
  • Fun fact: I absolutely love marshmallows, and I was thinking about marshmallows when I wrote this. So I would love some roasted marshmallows ASAP. 

I wish everyone all the best with their November goals. If there is anything that I can help you out with, let me know. You all know how much I love supporting all of you and your talent!

Credits: featured photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

30 Responses

  1. Amazing progress on your October goals! I feel like the blogging community is going through a really supportive time right now and it feels great! Your November ones sound really good – I’m sure you’ll smash them!


  2. I like how your October goals were all identical triple digits lmao. You smashed all your goals Lav!! That’s so lit. I’m trying to get the hang of Pinterest too this month smh. We got this! 🖤🖤 Happy November


  3. You reminded me that I need to finish my book, too.
    But damn, you cracked down on all your other goals, that’s great. And your next goals look intimidating to me, but I know you will reach them. Keep up the great work, but take a break if you need it.
    I’ll be watching you, eating your roasted marshmallows before you get time to reach for them.


      1. Oh just another one of the books that my favourite video game is based on.
        And it’s not like I can actually eat marshmallows with my no-sugar thing, but if it lures you in, I’ll roast some 😁


  4. Geraldine

    I love that you have blog and personal goals!! It makes everything so much more oganized. You Video chatted with Abby?! That is awesome girl! I’m so proud of how well you did in October.. you totally smashed all those goals and I have no doubt November will be the same for you 🤩 😘 my Twitter goal is 2k too but I have a loose view of it.. November or end of this year, whatever 😅 girl keep it up!!! You are so amazing, it’s incredible how you’re growing your lovely blog and social media at an amazing speed! I too wish to understand more of how Pinterest works 😆


  5. I love that you made way harder goals for yourself… and you are now working full-time! But if anyone can achieve them, it is YOU!💕 Super excited to hear all about your business plans. Can’t wait to read about yours and others post-university life! And YES ALL THE MARSHMALLOWS IN THE WORLD PLEASE!


  6. Natasha MacFarlane

    I love that eating toasted marshmellows is a goal! lol
    Awesome job crushing your october goals!! Can`t wait to hear how you do in November, although i know you`ll do awesome!!!!


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