Neutrogena Light Acne Therapy -14 Days

I am back to report my next 7 days of the Neutrogena Light Acne Therapy Mask. If you’re not caught up yet and want to see the whole process, here you can find the first 7 days of use and unboxing of the mask.
I am now on my 14th day of use and I have some comments to make. Here are my overall thoughts on the past 7 days:

  • I’m not sure at the moment what good it’s doing or how much progress I can really see.
  • My face appears to still have the same marks, and I have got more acne over the past few days, nothing too major but I can notice it. I don’t know if I can see them getting lighter.
  • HOWEVER – the past week I have been overly stressed and I’ve eaten pretty bad. Bad as in… Having a bag of m&ms as cereal with my milk in the mornings.
  • I am only halfway through the treatment so I’m not losing hope since I did see some progress at the start. I’ll see what the next 15 days bring.

Day 8

Today my skin didn’t feel like it was improving at all. I had some extra acne on my cheek where I normally do which you can see in the picture. Although the pictures might show my skin as relatively “okay”, it didn’t feel amazing.

I’ve attached pictures of this day to show you the texture of my skin the way it is now.
I washed it today with my usual soap and glory wash (see my last post to see pictures of my skincare products) and the usual routine – cleanse, mask, spray, moisture.


Day 9

The normal routine is still in place – cleanse, mask, spray, moisture. I’m not seeing any drastic results at the moment. This picture wasn’t taken for this post in particular but I realised it showed how my skin looks most days on a normal day. The dark marks are still there and I have appeared to break out a tiny bit around my temples as well.

Day 10

Honestly, my skin feels stagnant. I’m not sure what the mask is doing for me right now… It’s still as blotchy and red as always!


Day 11

So today I used the Garnier charcoal mask wash scrub, which you can see in the background of this pic. My skin feels a little better today, does your skin just decide when to have good days?! Because it feels terrible some days and good the next… I feel like the charcoal mask does help a little bit.


Day 12
I’m putting sudocream on my face overnight because honestly looking at my skin makes me want to punch myself in the face. I shall see what this does

Day 13

My face is feeling a little better today! Will wait to take a picture tomorrow to see the end result of 14 days!

Day 14

I used the pink clay face mask today because I need some pampering.

My face actually felt better at the end of the day which is nice.

So this week I’ve come to the conclusion that this, along with more skincare, probably contributes to my skin feeling a bit better.

Can you see any changes?

10 Responses

  1. I haven’t read any skincare related to acne for the past few weeks, I’m so glad I gave this one a read! I’m a fan of Neutrogena but I’ve only used a couple of products over the past few years. I love your review by the way, I’ve seen some changes actually! Try to stay away from dairy or sweets, it really triggers the acne. I know that cos I have acne prone skin too. All in all I love this post, thank you for sharing this! Xx



      1. Yeah that could be a massive part of it because you’re not gonna notice a small change if you see it everyday. Have you compared your most recent picture to the picture from before you started? That might be a good reference point? No problem at all xx


  2. It’s a shame you haven’t been able to see any major differences this week but as you said, you’re only halfway through so I’m sure it’s got to make a difference by the end of it! Stress can really upset our skin so perhaps that has had some affect on this treatment. Looking forward to seeing the next update 🙂

    Chloe x


  3. Paula |The Value of a Moment

    I see a difference! Of course you’ve always been gorgeous! It sounds to me like maybe the masks are having a more immediate effect than the light therapy. I love doing “Spa days” with great bath stuff, masks, etc. 💓


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