The Fault In Our Stars Commentary

I decided to watch The Fault in Our Stars today, to revert back to my 17-year-old self, and because why not? It was a big hit when it came out in 2014 after the book by John Green, published in 2012, became massively popular. Yes, I also read the book, I was 16 and I wanted something to read… 

This movie reminded me so much about being 17. I went to watch it in the cinema with my friends and my boyfriend at the time. I remember I loved the soundtrack to this movie and it makes me super nostalgic of that time. I’m happy that I have this movie to remember that by.

I’ll be documenting my thoughts during the movie. Now, this isn’t one of those insightful movie reviews, this is your annoying friend who makes dumb comments throughout movies that you wish would shut up. Because who doesn’t love those people? love me. 

If you want to skip to the end and see my final thoughts on the movie just skip all the bullet points… 

I had no comments for the beginning, other than this is definitely very aimed at teenagers. 

  • Hazel’s parents are way too “hip” and their faces annoy me. 
  • I love that Jesus carpet at the support group! I want it. It looks like something being sold at Urban Outfitters.
  • The way Augustus Waters and Hazel meet is a bit cute.
  • Waters reminds me so much of my ex… I guess I know why I liked this movie so much. 
  • A lot of the things Waters say make me cringe a lot.
  • I feel like the “Always” between Monica and Isaac was put in there so it would be okay to make fun of them… So I’m making fun of them. 
  • I remember loving “hamartia” – a fatal flaw. 
  • Looking at Gus’ parents make me cringe. What is it with teenage films and parents that make them impossible to stand? 
  • I do love the way that Gus says Hazel’s full name all the time. 
  • Still loving the soundtrack.
  • Why is Isaac just trashing his friend’s room? Stop it!
  • When Gus is reading the email from Peter Van Houten, Hazel is so happy, I just felt so happy. I loved that. 
  • When Hazel’s mum tells her she can’t go to Amsterdam and Hazel says “it’s ok” I wanted to cry? Why am I getting so invested in this girl going to Amsterdam? It’s not okay!
  • I’m not upset about her being told she can’t go because I know she goes in the end… But I feel like if I didn’t know that it would really crush me. 
  • I wonder what a flight attendant would actually say if they found someone with a cigarette in their mouth on a plane and said they weren’t actually going to light it.
  • I can’t believe the green goblin is in this movie 
  • This goblin is such a good actor.
  • My god, Hazel, stop climbing those stairs, please. 
  • They kissed, how sweet. 
  • That ginger lady is very pretty.
  • Why are people applauding their kiss? Very strange. 
  • I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once. 
  • The nostalgia is so real. 
  • I want to go to Amsterdam! 
  • Is it just me of to Hazel and Gus look the same from the back?
  • Isaac egging his ex’s house is so funny, genuinely gave me a lol moment. 
  • Augustus giving that dumb speech to Monica’s mum… I if I were her I would have gone over and punched him in the face. 
  • So Hazel is just out there waiting for her boyfriend to die and I just can’t deal with the thought of that happening to me. 
  • Hazel didn’t even know her mother was taking classes in social work. How? 
  • I really don’t like the way Hazel speaks. But her eulogy for Gus at his “fake” funeral was really sweet. Still not going to cry. 
  • What is the goblin doing at Gus’ funeral? We need to fake pray now oh my. I love him. 
  • Hazel was just called Gus’ “special friend”, and she went over and said she was his girlfriend. I remember laughing at this so much in the cinema. I love it. 
  • So weird how 4 years on my life has changed so much, and this is making me laugh for other reasons now… 
  • The goblin 100% deserved Hazel shouting at him. 
  • That little montage of Augustus with his eulogy to hazel was sweet. 

So overall, I’m not getting deep about it. But this movie has so many memories for me, and it’s an okay film. 

I feel like it was very well made and it definitely brings up the topic of chronic illness and its struggles. I would like to hear a viewpoint of this movie from someone that actually suffers from cancer. 

The thing that I love most about this film (apart from the nostalgia it gives me) is the relationship between them and the feeling it gives me thinking of my ‘boyfriend’ dying. It makes me a little emotional. Although I didn’t cry at any point. 

For me, it was too “Hollywood” to be relatable, even though I probably wouldn’t have been able to relate to most of it, because, you know, it’s centered around a chronic illness that I don’t suffer from. But the surrounding themes of it still didn’t hit home hard enough. 

What do you guys think of this film? Care to comment on my comments? 

Credits: featured Photo by Noom Peerapong on Unsplash

21 Responses

  1. Loved Amsterdam
    Hazel Oh my stop it with the stairs you’ll die
    Them having a dinner in Amsterdam and having champagne was too cute
    The goblin is hilarious
    There are important things to think about after watching this movie
    I do cry every time even though I don’t want to
    The fake funeral is depressing
    John Green’s presence is reallll


  2. A Brewed Awakening

    Willem Defoe is the name of the green goblin. His face makes me feel some type of way.

    I’ve not read the book, but the movie was so very sad! I remember crying during it. But your commentary was hilarious and you are the type of person I’d love to sit down and watch a movie with!!!


  3. Oh my god, I am dying with laughter. I felt like I was watching the movie with you. Definitely love that I have an annoying friend whose commentary will be like this whenever we watch a movie together lol! This was SO FUNNY!!!


  4. Paula |The Value of a Moment

    Oh my God, I love this so much!! I haven’t seen the movie, but now I’m going to watch it with this post next to me! It’ll be like we’re watching a movie together. I’m so snarky during movies!! Well done!


  5. The Fault in Our Stars is one of my favorite films ever! And I love the nostalgia that it gives me too because I know how it feels like to have someone that you love dying and I live for their “little infinity” that’s so sweet! Anyway, I love this commentary and it made me laugh this morning! xx



  6. kattieh

    I’ve never actually seen this movie. So many people have told me that it’s good and that I need to watch it. This has actually made me feel like I should see it now!


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