Lavrax Doodles

Since I started my blog I have been loving being more creative. I have loved writing, photographing, editing, and everything in between. I have always been an artist at heart but with some terrible drawing skills. I had always loved doodling, but I knew I wasn’t very good. I decided that I wanted to have a go at this again.

So I did it! I started doodling around one month ago, and I wanted to share some of my favourite doodles with you.

What kind of things do I doodle? I have no idea, whatever I want. When I’m lacking inspiration I just go out and take pictures and I doodle over pictures. 

I’ve loved doodling flowers – because they’re so simple and easy to add to pictures


And doodling over my own pictures to make them cute…


This one below has been one of my most personal ones. My dog – Ben, died on the 1st of September this year, I decided that he only went to Hogwarts. So I drew him in a Hogwarts scarf. If you want you can read more about that here.


I’m still working on my doodling and I am definitely improving. I’ve been using the Adobe Sketch app which is free, like all adobe apps, which is amazing! I’ve been doodling only on my phone because I seriously cannot draw anything with a pen or pencil…

Are you a doodler? Or do you have any tips for people starting the doodling game? 

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  1. This is such a nice thing to do, I love that you’re just doing it for fun and to boost your creativity. They do look so cute over pictures! What do you doodle on out of interest? Such a lovely post Lavrax and I’m so sorry that your pupper left you to go to hogwarts. All the best angel🧡🧡


  2. Natasha MacFarlane

    keep on doodling girl! these are awesome!!! I used to doodle, but then stopped for some reason.. perhaps you have inspired me to try again! However, I have no artistic abilities what so ever haha anyways, AWESOME DOODLES!!!


  3. Laura at Palette of Thoughts

    I love this!!! I cannot have a pen in my hand and not start doodling on something! I’ve never heard of Adobe sketch and can’t wait to check it out!! ❤️

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  4. I’ll never tire of saying this: Your doodles are cute and adorable! That door doodle was great, did anyone ever tell you you have a good eye at color combos?? Because they’re fab 😍 And I’m sorry about your dog, I’m sure he’s acing all his tests at Hogwarts 💖
    Two of the greatest art tips I got was to regularly draw and to always finish your drawing. As someone who always strive for perfection that second one was really helpful 😊


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