Autumn Tag #2

Hey guys!

Apparently, the two Autumn tags I had been tagged in were completely different, which makes me so happy because I love answering Qs! I’ll try to mix up my answers this time from my last one. 

I would like to thank Louise at Sociable Events for tagging me in this super fun tag! Make sure you check out her post. Again, I love answering my questions with gifs, so sit back and enjoy!

But first – The rules

  • List the rules for others taking part
  • Link to the creator (LaurenAnnBeauty) and the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions below and tag 3 more bloggers to take part

The questions/answers

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

The spooky decorations everywhere! I find them so cute and comforting to see 

jack o lantern happy halloween GIF

Are you taking part in Blogtober?

Yes I have been trying! I really hope I can keep it up. It was a last minute decision and for that reason I feel like I’m doing well so far. Which means a lot of my nights have been spent like this… 

oprah winfrey drinking GIF

Favourite Autumn drink?

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream, for sure. 

hot chocolate christmas GIF

Favourite Autumn candle?

I actually don’t have one! I enjoy summery and fruity candles all year round and I really don’t like the pumpkin scented everything that pops up in ever scent during Autumn!

Favourite item of clothing for Autumn?

My scarf! So chunky and comfy. 


Do you decorate your home for Halloween or Autumn?

I decorate my room quite spooky anyway! I always have my candy skull decor and my candle holders!


Again, thank you Louise for the tag! It was so much fun. 

I tag:

Mary Beth Nunes     Sophril Reads     Robyn     Alex

Looking forward to reading your posts, guys! Don’t forget to tag me in them so I can give them a read!

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