Neutrogena Light Acne Therapy -First 7 Days

So I am back reporting on my progress with the Neutrogena light acne therapy mask after my unboxing post (in case you missed it!) 

I am currently one week in and I can say that I have seen some small results from the mask. I have never suffered from severe acne, but over the past 7 months I have randomly broken out and it seems to be a regular thing that won’t leave my face alone… It’s mainly around my cheeks and forehead, which have left some dark marks behind. 

A fair warning… we’re going to get close and personal here, with me showing you my bare face and all. The horror. 

Here is a picture of my face from before the treatment, straight after a shower and no filters applied. First one without flash and the second one with flash, so you can clearly see all of my bumpy and red imperfections (yay!)


As you can see there’s a lot of marks and redness, no actual acne because it’s actually gone down from how it used to be! It all seems to bunch around my cheek area.

So here I will talk you through my days of use: 

Day 1 – my first day lrm_export_200115380852671_20181018_1116553485156683755846539783.jpeg

I decided I was going to use the mask after I washed and cleansed my face. I use the Soap and Glory “The Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser”, and I put it on straight after my shower. 

I saw no immediate effect after the first use which was expected, as it’s a 30-day treatment. 

A minute or two after the treatment I can feel the mask warming up very slightly, which makes it feel like it’s doing its job which is fab! It’s a very comfortable level of heat, actually not hot at all, but you can definitely feel the temperature change. Anyway, here is how that looked!


Day 2


I exfoliated my face today with this Proactive exfoliator in the shower and used the mask straight after. I still see no immediate effects. 

Also: I experienced some dizziness when using the mask, I am prone to dizzy spells and suffer from lightheadedness in everyday life. The mask did not hurt my eyes but it made me a little dizzy. Either way, I was happy to sit and relax for 10 minutes and let the mask do the thing!

Day 3

Today I washed my face again with my Soap and Glory Pore Purifying Cleanser – it’s my go-to daily face wash. 

Although the dark marks on my skin are still there, I feel like my skin has become a little more “dewy”.

After I use the mask I always spray my face with thermal water and follow it with moisturiser. Maybe this routine is helping the whole dewyness. I am liking it so far!

Day 4 

Excuse the bare face and dry lips… Here is the progress after 4 days and after using the mask for that day, some thermal water spray, and moisturiser. My skin feels good! It still has that dewy feel and I feel like the redness has gone down. 


Day 5 

Not much to update you on today, using the mask as usual! Today I used my every day Soap and Glory cleanser, following with the mask, then thermal water spray, then moisturiser. 

Day 6 

Again I’m saving the 7-day progress picture from tomorrow and there is not much difference to report on today! I’m sticking with the same skincare routine and there is still that more dewy feeling. 

Day 7 

This is after my normal routine – cleanse, mask, spray, moisture. I feel like I can physically see some very minor reduction in my dark marks, and the dewiness is still very much there. My skin feels generally a little bit nicer and I’m excited to continue using the mask. 


I will be reporting back next week with some more pictures and updates!

So far I am enjoying the results of this mask, bare in mind I have coupled it up with the products that I mentioned above! 

Also, If you’ve ever tried light acne therapy let me know about your results!

23 Responses

  1. Damn, I wanna buy that mask and take it to a rave. I didn’t expect that thing to turn you into a human lightsaber.
    Oh, and the progress seems to be working well, too.
    But damn that mask looks like it would be fun to dance around in in the dark.


  2. I’m so so glad I read this post! I’ve been wanting to try one of these LED masks for ages but never knew if it was worth it or not. I know we can’t expect to see results overnight and it takes time of course but I can see your results! 😊 thank you so much for your detailed routine review this has honestly really helped me! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Geraldine

    *doing this whilst at work, hope not to get caught* I see what you mean by the small difference from before and after. I think that mask looks super cool haha I totally can’t wait to see how ya look after the 30 day treatment! show me more of that pretty face 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  4. After reading this I think i might have to have ago, if only to see Mr Workalots face when he sees me using it! Also what is thermal water? I’m abit rubbish at all this sort of stuff but my skin is suffering right now!xx


  5. chelday

    I always wondered how effective this was! I can definitely see a difference. Your skin looks so much more even and glowy! I’m looking forward to more progress updates 🙂


  6. alisonw30

    Well you look beautiful in all the photos 🙂 I can see less redness by day 7, I’d say it is definitely having a effect. More photos please! X


  7. Paula |The Value of a Moment

    I can definitely see a difference! Looking forward to more updates, I think I’m sold on it. By the way…that picture of you wearing the mask makes me infinitely happy for some reason. 😉😘


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