Baby Loss Awareness Week

The 15th of October marked the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week (9th-15th Oct). Throughout this week my eyes were opened to a struggle faced by mothers that I definitely did not know enough about: Baby loss. 

I decided I wanted to do a post on this today, after the end of the week, as I didn’t want to take any attention off those who were sharing their experiences. As an ally to this cause, I decided to read, support, and share instead. 

Today I want to bring attention to some of the people that I supported, to urge you to read their stories and experiences. I believe it is something that should be talked about extensively, as you don’t know who it could affect or who it could be affecting, and not just for one week. I found some statistics that were very shocking to me, and it really brought out the reality of this issue. 

These statistics were taken from Tommy’s, a website dedicated to “funding research, saving babies’ lives”.

I was particularly following Kim’s blog this week. As a mother who lost her son, Isaac, she shared a post every day regarding baby loss and how it affected different aspects of her life.

You can find all her posts from this week here:

  1. Introduction to BLAW
  2. Baby loss and family
  3. Baby loss and colleagues
  4. Baby loss and relationships
  5. Baby loss and friends
  6. Own a moment
  7. Wave of Light

It was an amazingly personal insight on the way that this affects women after baby loss.

Another emotional and informational read was Charlotte’s post on her miscarriage

Thank you to Kim, Charlotte, and everyone else for opening my eyes to this and I will be sure to support Baby Loss Awareness Week from now on. I will make sure that I continue to bring awareness to this issue wherever possible. Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us, and take note that you have both inspired and instilled a passion in me to support this for the rest of my life. 

I also took part in the International Wave of Light this year, where I lit a candle for all of the babies that were taken too soon. Even as someone that is solely supporting this, without having experienced it, I was incredibly emotional. I cannot imagine actually going through it and I admire all the ladies that have. I am so proud of you. 


If you need any more information on this I urge you to contact either of these ladies! I know Kim dedicates a lot of her time to bringing awareness to this and knows a lot more than I do! 

27 Responses

  1. Thank you for this. This week you have single handedly made me feel supported, thought of, important and cared for. I appreciate every word and I am glad I have been able to influence you to go out and write about this and do some research yourself. Sending you lots of love, Kim xxx

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  2. This is definitely something that we should be helping raise awareness of. Losing a child of any age is a painful experience. I know people who have experienced stillbirth and parents who have been bereaved due to childhood illness, particularly Cancer. Its devastating.

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  3. Geraldine

    This is a great topic and isn’t talked about enough. You’re so lovely for posting about this lav! 💖 My mom’s gone through this and had an unfortunate happening with my baby brother and it’s really sad. I was very little then but I know it was a very grim and sorrowful moment.


  4. What a lovely thing for you to do, just because you haven’t experienced something doesn’t mean you can’t support those who have. I’m extremely lucky to have 2 healthy boys and never have gone through anything like this, I can’t imagine what it must be like but I really do think that it needs to be spoken about more, those statistics are frightening and not well enough known – I had no idea that 1 in 4 women will have a miscarriage, we need to raise awareness where we can. x

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  5. Wow, thank you for sharing! A very close friend of mine recently had a miscarriage and I know how difficult it has been for her. I have tried to just be supportive of her and what her needs are. It is so nice and thoughtful of you to bring awareness to others through your post. Thank you.

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