Unboxing: Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

So here is me, trying to look at the positive side of my skin going to absolute hell over the past 7 months… Since my skin decided to act up I have been trialing and testing all sorts of skincare products with barely any luck.  

Around a week ago my mum came home with the Neutrogena light therapy acne mask for me to try, and as she works with Boots we get a lovely discount. I was so excited to open this up, and because of the price, brand and actual concept of the treatment, it appeared to be something that would actually work. I still have faith in it 8 days into use. 

Today I’m going to talk you through:

  1. The claims
  2. Unboxing 
  3. How to use

DisclaimerI have combined skin, oily and dry in some places, and have never suffered from severe acne. Around 7 months ago my skin started breaking out, reasons unknown, still very mild acne. 

This product is not adviced for severe acne sufferers. 

The claims 

This is clinically proven technology that treats acne from the source for a clearer, more even complexion day after day and is safe for skin and eyes. 

I was hesitant to expose my skin to this, as I immediately thought of a sunbed, but this is actually a chemical-free treatment, that is also UV light free, and is safe for everyday use. 

What it actually does: 

  • Reduces breakouts 

  • Allows skin to gently heal itself from within

  • Visibly improve skin appearance clearer, healthier-looking complexion 

You can see all of these claims on the box which are very easy to read and understand. 

The contents

The contents include:

  • The mask
  • The battery pack
  • Instructions

The mask:

 I looked at the mask and it reminded me a bit of this:

Image result for home simpson intro theme

But overall the mask is very straightforward. It has all the little lightbulbs in it, an eyeshield that protects your eyes from the lights and actually allows you to multitask while you use the mask. They are made to be like glasses, so there are temples (the bits that go over your ears) so you can easily put it on. There is the cord attached to it that connects to the battery pack.

The mask was comfortable to use and keep on. A small note, although it didn’t feel tight it still left two little marks on the bridge of my nose for a few minutes. 

The battery pack: 

The battery pack was very straightforward with only the power button, the plug at the bottom to connect to the mask, and the small screen that shows the days left of the treatment. 

To turn on the mask you connect the two and press the power button for one second until the mask lights up. Extremely straightforward. 


The instructions:  

Inside comes a small booklet with all the information you need on the light therapy mask. 

The basic instruction guide for this treatment is: 

Put on the mask, turn on the battery pack and leave it on your face for 10 minutes. The mask will automatically turn off in 10 minutes where you can simply put it back inside the box (or wherever you’re storing it). 


The mask so far has been easy and straightforward to use. I have been using it for 8 days and I still have 22 days of the treatment left.

I will have a more detailed post on the progress it has made for my skin with more information on how it’s used.

Have you tested this product before? I would love to know your thoughts!

24 Responses

  1. Geraldine

    oo Cool! I’ve seen handheld light therapy pens but not this full face mask. Would love to see what happens after the full 30 days! xx


  2. I’m genetically superior to normal humans and therefore have no use for this, but I know a couple people who would love to see the results and I’m gonna let them know about it.
    Are you going to include “before/after” pictures or just a description of the progress?


  3. Wow! I have never seen this before and at first sight I would definitely think this was a Halloween mask 😂 I’m interested to see how this turns out!
    My skin is much clearer after living in Greece but whenever I go back to England I get covered! Good luck and hope it makes some positive changes!


  4. Paula |The Value of a Moment

    I’ve seen this online, and I’m thinking of getting it for my daughter. Very interested to hear what you think about it after using it for the 30 days!


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