Hangover Day: Lavrax Style.

The weekends are for winding down and letting yourself go a little bit, I’m all for it, we’re stressed people. However, let’s also remind ourselves that we need to do this responsibly! Trying as we might, sometimes we just take it too far, and that can have some pretty… Painful consequences.

So let me talk you through my night, and let me tell you the process of how I acquired the hangover of hell.

  • First beer down: Feeling fine, normally without having had dinner I would be feeling giddy, but at that moment I felt good.
  • Two beers in: Finally I was feeling more tipsy, I am a massive lightweight and I do love that tipsy feeling. The conversation was flowing and I was having a great time.
  • Three beers in: This was the beer that was bought by a friend that convinced everyone to stay, because who would turn down a free pint? That would just be silly. At this point, I was laughing way too loud and was not completely aware of it.
  • My fourth beer: I was made to down this one. Because YOLO.

I got home and I cannot tell you how much I regret not sticking to my one beer plan. I had only gone to catch up with my friends and I was sent home in an uber, struggled to walk upstairs to my room, and woke up with a very messy headache.

Moral of the story:

Drink Responsibly. Know your limits.

We have all been there, but enjoy these reminders (and the gifs) for next time you feel under the weather after drinking. My top tips:

  • Water is life. We all know that feeling of waking up after a night of drinking and finding the gift of a glass of water next to our beds. You’ll have to pee it all out the day after so staying hydrated is key.

water GIF

  • Long hot showers. Because you want to feel as fresh as possible. Also a top tip: if you’re not feeling too bad, try to sing along to a feel-good song. I did a duet of “Don’t go breaking my heart” by Elton John and I felt f a b u l o u s

shower GIF

  • Grab your comfy clothes. After a nice, long, hot shower grab your comfiest clothes, preferably freshly washed. I was so lucky to have remembered I had some jammies ready to wear on the washing line. Curl up in bed and cosy up!

tired good night GIF

  • Schedule your naps in. Because no hangover is going to go away by going for a jog… You have every right to be lazy, lie down with a cosy blanket and don’t move for anything until you’re feeling up for it. Extra cosy if you have a napping buddy!

kitten nap GIF

  • Carbs are your friend. I have a couple of hangover snacks that I like going to, I start off with some crackers, maybe some white bread. Throughout the day I am such a sucker for spaghetti. I mean, any other day I am also a sucker for a good spaghetti bolognese. But on these days for sure get your carbohydrates in you.

pasta belongs GIF

  • JUICE! I don’t drink it normally, but somehow, all juice tastes better when you’re fragile the day after some drinks. That being said, avoid all dairy drinks…

orange juice GIF
I’m not a heavy drinker and I rarely get hungover (unless I have more than 3 beers) so I have not had the chance to step it up and come up with a hangover elixir. If you have one, please let me know, for the next time we might all need it.

In the meantime tell me your best hangover cures in the comments!

15 Responses

  1. Samantha

    Weird tip: pickle juice! I always take a couple gulps when I’m hungover. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I SWEAR it’s a magic cure!


  2. Drink a load of water the night before is mine! having a shower and getting back into bed is the best tip but I always fail on this one cause I’m lazy 😂 pink Lucozade is life on a hangover and pesto pasta with loads of cheese is my go to hungover meal!

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  3. My first thought was “Haha Aw.”
    Then I thought about it.
    It’s been sooooo looking since I’ve drank more than 1 alcoholic drink in one sitting (less than one drink a week for the last few months). I now get tipsy from 1 homemade single gin and juice or 2 small glasses of red wine. I’ve got my 30th fast approaching so I’ve no idea what I’m going to do when the inevitable booze drinking starts.

    My hangover cure is high carb for sure. Mac n cheese (vegan obvs) as it’s difficult to mess up pasta in a simple (violife) cheese and oatmilk sauce. I use 1tsp of marmite and 1tsp of English mustard for that tangy cheesy goodness. Simple.
    Hope you feel better for your pjama day. xx


  4. Geraldine

    HAHAHA aww Lav 😂 I’m a lightweight too. And no matter how much I eat I still feel it easily! I’m not much into beer although there are a few that I do like. I like different flavored sangria? 😅


  5. Lightweights for the win 🤙🏼😂 I’ve had such a hangover today but haven’t been able to lounge about because I was away for the weekend camping and I’ve had two meetings to go to 😩 it’s bath and relax time now though😍😍


  6. Luckily (and surprisingly) I have managed to avoid getting any severe hangovers so far. I tend to drink a lot of water throughout the day, so I feel like maybe that helps prevent them later? If I do feel a bit groggy the next day, eating some carbs definitely makes me feel better though!


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