How to Prepare to Move Abroad – Collaboration with Anne Carty

Hi everyone! A huge, huge thank you to lavrax for collaborating with me! You can read her post on my blog here! Today I’m going to be writing this blog post about how to prepare to move to a different country.

If you like what I’ve written today you can find me at I’m an 18-year-old Irish blogger who writes about all my passions from travel, mental health, education, book, movie and product reviews etc.

If any of you have read my blog before or follow me on social media you will know that I am in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend is from New Zealand.

Next year I am planning to move to New Zealand to be with my boyfriend for the long term instead of having short visits that will upset us and make me cry a whole lot when we have to say goodbye.

I’m a mess when I cry. It’s horrible having to say goodbye to the person you love and have no idea when I’ll see him again. Sadly my boyfriend will be leaving Ireland at the end of this month and we most probably won’t see each other for at least a year as I need to save a hell of a lot of money to get my visa and show the immigration office that I have enough money to support myself.


Preparing to move to a different country takes a whole lot of research. You can’t just pack up and move to a different country. You need to know what is needed of you, what forms you need to fill out etc.


Visas are very important. Visas allow you to stay in the country for a certain amount of time. Depending on the visa you may be able to work or not.

The Visa that I am planning to get is a working holiday visa. This will allow me to stay in New Zealand for a year and I can work part-time to make sure I can finance my stay there. This is the easiest visa for me to get as I don’t have a degree and can’t go for a working visa.

Depending on your situation you decide what visa works best for you. After my year-long stay in New Zealand, I plan to apply for another visa which will give me permanent residency.

Requirements for visa

You can’t just apply for a visa and get one just like that. There are special requirements that you need to meet to be eligible for a visa. To get my working holiday visa I need to be between the age of 18-30. I need to have a certain amount of funds to finance my stay, I must either have funds for a return ticket or already have my return ticket bought. This is to ensure that there will be no overstays in New Zealand and that people won’t get stuck in New Zealand with no money to return home.


As I have previously mentioned you need to be able to finance your stay and also be able to buy your ticket to and from the country you plan to move to. This can take a long time to save that money because you have other expenses to pay for like bills, food, etc.
I’d advise that you create a budget. Spend what is needed to be spent. Save as much as you can each week. Save consistently and it will help with your funds for moving.

Telling family

Everything that I have mentioned above is relatively easy. Telling your family can be very stressful. I know that when I tell my extended family that I will be moving they will not be happy about it.

Your family may be different than mine and be really happy for you that you are going on a new adventure and experiencing new things. Leaving your family can also be tough because you are moving away and you won’t see them as much as normal.

Yes it will be upsetting and you will most likely become homesick after a little while but you will be okay!


Moving to a new country does not mean that you can pack up every single thing you own and bring it with you. You need to be sensible. You have to pack what you need. I know it’s tough to not NEED absolutely everything that you own but you need to limit yourself.

Soon I am going to be going through all my clothes and getting rid of a ton that I don’t wear or that doesn’t fit me anymore. It’s a good idea to do it will all your belongings so you don’t have to stress right before you’re planning to leave.

So that’s how I am preparing to move to a different country. Are you thinking about moving to a different country? How are you preparing to move?

Lastly a huge huge thank you to Lavrax for collaborating with me today for Blogtober! You can follow me on:






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  1. Geraldine

    Hi Anne! I loved reading about this because I can relate to this so much! I’m in a LDR as well and it’s the worst when we have to part after being a while. I cried for several days. My boyfriend started feeling it and got depressed for like a week after I was gone! It’s the worst. He wants to visit next summer but I know it will be super hard when he leaves. With any luck I’d love to move away, but that won’t be several years down the line!


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