Polly Posts! Autumnal Interiors – 3 ideas for a Halloween look, that won’t ruin your minimalist aesthetic!

I have teamed up with Polly today to bring your our best attempts at decorating with the mind of a minimalist, because we both fancy ourselves a bit minimalistic too.

Over to Polly:

I am a wannabe minimalist; I have been waging a two-prong offensive on clutter by getting rid of stuff we don’t need and reducing the amount of tat that comes into the house. And then autumn arrives and the kids want to ‘Halloween’ the place up! What is a girl to do? I am loathe to go out and buy plastic decorations that probably won’t last until next year; I want to keep the natural autumnal ‘Instagram’ aesthetic I am currently rocking, but I also want to join in with the scary season.

I suppose I could just work with what I’ve got? After a bit of experimenting I have discovered 3 ways that you can create that spooky feel without compromising on style or your attempts at minimisation.

Paper bag lanterns

For this all you will need is:

  • Paper bags – white or brown seem to both work, just don’t use ones that are too thick
  • A craft knife -easier than using scissors
  • A small glass jar with some battery powered fairy lights – I recommend an empty salsa jar, and if you have no fairy lights try electrical tea lights if you have them, just don’t put candles in there!

Pro-tip: Just be sure the light stays low in the bag or you will be able to see it and it ruins the effect (so speaks bitter experience!)
A card silhouette of your chosen scary image – you can cheat and find some online (just click here) to print off, we won’t tell anyone, or you can use craft punches if you have them.

How it is done:

These are the ultimate in easy craft if you decide to just cut out shapes from the bag. Not too many shapes, or too big as you then run the risk of making the bag more hole than paper and it will collapse in on itself (don’t ask, just trust me!)
There is a difficult, albeit more arty, method whereby you create the stencil in thick card and attach it on the inside of the bag. This takes longer, but does look better. It also means you can do more complicated designs, but then it starts getting fiddly and probably not worth the effort, especially if you are making these with kids (or impatient people!)
Once happy with your design, stand the bag up and put your jar of lights in. I recommend the jar as electric tea lights have no real weight and the bags can be blown over by people walking past. In the case of fairy lights, they don’t really have much impact piled in the bottom of the bag, so a jar will give them a bit of height and spread.


paperbag lumieres
Picture from https://www.unoriginalmom.com/

Halloween Tree

Why should Christmas be the only one to get a tree! We often have one for Easter, so why not for Halloween!   If you can get some twisty sticks it creates a great spooky centre piece.

For this all you will need is:

  • Branches/Twigs – I recommend curly willow as it has a creepy ‘Tim Burtonesque’ feel about it
  • String or Raffia – for tying things to your ‘tree’
  • ‘Scary’ lights – because fairy lights would not be appropriate! They have a great range in the Pound shop.
  • Own choice of Decorations – You can keep it simple and just use ‘cobwebs’ and fake spiders, or go all out and make hanging decorations.


How it is done

Secure your twigs to each other (Purple or orange ribbon makes it extra ‘Halloweeny!) and stand them in a vase or other suitable container. Be sure it is stable enough to hold both the weight of the tree and any additional decorations you intend adding to it. What you do then is up to you. Synthetic webs create a cool effect and offer a great base to balance plastic spiders on. You may decide to hang lights (get a picture of lights) and other decorations, like pumpkins, bats or moons. Perhaps you could also hang small bags of sweets that trick or treaters can be handed.

halloween tree


Using Nature

This makes for a very arty interior that can go up as soon as you feel autumnal and stay until you trim up for Christmas. Autumn lends itself to great interior touches; gold and warm browns create a cosy feel, while the addition of pumpkins and gourds can hint at the upcoming Halloween fun.

For this all you will need is:

  • Dried leaves of many colours – explore outside and see what you can find. Dry them out between sheets of kitchen roll if they are still a bit damp, or preferably, go collect them during the day. Look out for interesting shapes.
  • Mini gourds and pumpkins – While they won’t last forever, these can be picked up at the green grocer (or Aldi!) and add a true seasonal flavour to the display. If you prefer permanence, plastic is an option.
  • Wicker baskets – Great for display items and add to the warm Hygge ambience.
  • Pine cones – The best bit about collecting these for your display is that you can recycle them for use in your Christmas/Winter themed layout, and they last for ages.
  • Candles – you can go for colour coordination, or smell… or both!



How it is done

Find yourself a clear space, nook or shelf to set your display up – remember if you are incorporating candles to make sure that none of the other elements are likely to fall into the flames; you can avoid this by using electric tea lights or battery powered fairy lights, if you prefer.
Arrange your items as you wish, but remember the basic rules of display: have a focal point, keep it simple, keep like with like (particularly in threes), and remember your lighting.

So there are just three simple ways to create a classy, cosy, tat-free Halloween display to bring your home into the autumn season. Have an experiment, it is your home after all, and all the best in this spooky season!

You can find polly on

Her blog: https://pollyspad.blog/

Twitter: @pollyplaits

Instagram: @pollyplaits

Youtube: linked here

14 Responses

  1. Geraldine

    Aww that is so cute! I love these crafts especially the paper bag craft! Polly, thanks for sharing – and Lavrax, thanks for featuring! ✨🎃


  2. Ella: Craft Up Your Life

    Really loved these ideas. The paper bag craft looks so cute, I’m trying to avoid buying lots of decorations that will eventually end up in the bin. I’ll have to try some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing 🍂🍁🧡


  3. A Brewed Awakening

    My SO is a minimalist. I struggle with it 😔 These are extremely cute ideas that I might be able to convince him to let us decorate with!!!


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