Happy Monthiversary, Lavrax!

Hey guys!

If you’re reading this it means you:

  • For some magical reason, have stumbled upon my blog
  • You are a lovely supporting friend here to read my work ( I LOVE YOU ) 
  • I linked you to read my latest blog post!
  • Or you accidentally clicked on that link…

Whatever reason that may be, I am so glad you have come to visit me because today is a special day! 

Today I have been officially blogging for one whole month (congratulations to me!)

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of those who have supported me, it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. 

I wanted to share some of the things that I have:

a) Loved and learned about the blogging world,

b) Struggled with,

c) Advice for any fresh new bloggers out there 

d) And my progress. 

I would not consider myself a seasoned blogger at all, but the dedication that I have put into building up my blog is insane and there are many things that I know now for sure. 

The things I have loved…

  • My twitter account! Twitter has been my favourite platform to interact on and the one with my largest following. I have met so many lovely bloggers through there and people that I just love supporting.
  • Freeeeeedom! The freedom to write absolutely anything I want despite it not being good writing or even interesting to anyone else. PLUS the creativity that comes with it. You are free to create anything you want and share it with the world!
  • The people. I know this is a cliche and absolutely everyone says it, but it’s so true. The bloggers themselves are what make blogging amazing. Literally two days ago I tweeted that I wanted to see your dogs because I missed my baby boy, and I got 36 lovely replies in dog pics (and some guinea pigs) trying to cheer me up, and I just loved it. 

The things I have struggled with… 

  • Finding my niche. So I honestly have no idea what I’m writing about half the time, this is definitely a very personal blog combobulated with a lot of my personal interests, experiences, and very crappy doodles. But you know who cares? No one, because all of you are supportive anyway. Because blogging is about creating and sharing anything you want! But seriously can anyone at least point me in the direction of what my niche might be…
  • Instagram… So I know Instagram is definitely an app that most bloggers go for, because who doesn’t love sharing pretty pictures? But holy Menendez it’s a hard one to grow on.
  • Pictures! Don’t you hate it when a blog post is ready but you don’t have a relevant picture to go with it? This is something I definitely need to get better at. Honestly, I find it a bit awkward going out and taking pictures on my own, or of myself, I’ve always been very shy. But I hope this can bring me out of my shell more. 

Want some advice?

  • Do it for the love. If you want to blog because you want popularity and free things, you probably won’t get very far. Bloggers are amazingly hard working and passionate people, and this needs to show through your work. If you don’t care about it, people won’t care about it.
  • Have a gang. Not a scary gang, a blogging kind of gang! You seriously need to interact with so many people and that’s what makes it fun. Having a gang of people that you can support and that support you will mean that your blog will always have at least one viewer. Not only that, it will make you work harder because you know someone will be looking at it. You will eventually grow to care about these people (and their blogs) so much.
  • Don’t be discouraged with the pace you’re going at. Everyone grows at their own pace and find their feet at different times. I have met some amazing bloggers that have started at the same time as me that are now on hundreds upon hundreds of followers, and all I feel towards them is proudness! Do not be discouraged because someone newer might have had some amazing opportunities already. Blogging is a personal journey and you set your own goals an ambitions, if you work hard enough for them, opportunities will come.

My progress so far!

I had absolutely no hopes for this blog. It was going to be a space for me to share my thoughts and feelings, I made it one day out of boredom and feeling a bit crap.

Things that I have accomplished:

  • 1,072 followers across twitter, instagram and WordPress.
  • I wrote my first guest post !
  • I have written a series of collab posts with a bunch of amazing bloggers and I can’t wait for them to be published!


Most importantly! I have met some of the most amazingly inspiring, loving, caring, and supportive people I have ever had the chance to talk to. 

Thank you for making my journey such a great one so far and I can’t wait to see where this will take me and all of you.

All the love in the world!




30 Responses

  1. Holy Menendez!! Can you stop being the freaking cutest?!? This post is amazing. How crazy it is to have learned so much in just one short month. I am so glad to have met you over this month. Feels like I’ve known you my whole life! Keep being a badass baller babe!! I LOVE YOU!


  2. Geraldine

    Aw Lavrax happy anniversary dear! ❤️ You definitely should be proud of yourself, you’ve accomplished so many amazing things!! I’m glad to have met you as a blogger, it’s so hard to get to form a relationship with just a few bloggers cause everyone’s so great!! But I’m glad you’re one of them, as I said you inspire me cause you’re a newbie just like me yet you have so many GAINS! I love love that picture in the end I swear the swirl was part of the tea or cup 😂


  3. Wow a month ! You are very good indeed. Congrats on all you have achieved. I don’t get loads of time to add comments to others, but I do try and do as many as I can. I really like your layout. I think it was me sending you guinea pig photos. More on my Twitter and on my Blog…..once I get to 50 (two short at present !)


  4. alisonw30

    Happy monthiversary!! I love the word ‘combobulated’! Have you tried some of the free image sites like unsplash and pixabay for images? X


  5. Congratulations!
    I agree with the pics.
    Sometimes I just write and I think that it’s pretty great but people are drawn in by pictures. Imagine how many great blogs we’re ignoring because the photographs aren’t up to scratch or existent?

    Anyway. I am crazy jealous and equally proud. The only reactions I get on twitter are from follow trains and it’s mostly people thanking me for my comment. Not a lot of actual following seems to happen for me. But I’m new and maybe it’s a time thing. Maybe I’m not as funny as I think. But this isn’t about me, measuring my worth against the success of others.
    This is about women supporting eachother and that is pretty damn special. Very happy for you. X

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Paula |The Value of a Moment

    Congratulations!!! You have accomplished SO MUCH in a month! I’m really proud of you!! You’re absolutely rocking it, sweetheart! I love being part of your “gang”! 💕💕
    Also…”Holy Menendez”…😂😂 I’ll be using that for sure!


  7. Yaaas Lavrax!!! Happy one month anniversary on your blog! I know we haven’t connected for long but I love what your blog is about, always feel happy reading your posts ☺️ your dedication on twitter doesn’t go unnoticed either as you always support others on reaching their goals. Can’t wait to read more xx

    P.S. your niche will show soon enough


  8. vince2day

    I’m a noob (good job I typed that correct 🤣)

    This has helped me. Keep doing you and don’t change I like your honesty. I’ll be following 👌


  9. Laura at Palette of Thoughts

    Congratulations! Such a lovely post and really interesting seeing what you’ve found good/more difficult so far. You’ve done amazingly well in a month xx


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