Goth brands for this October 2018

For those who decided not to outgrow their Goth phase, I’m with you here, I know that finding bits for your wardrobe can be a little more difficult than going to your average high street shop. I know that spooky time is our time, and we want to make sure we dress appropriately.

If you’re in between that Gothic style, but not quite ‘wearing a headband made out of neon green skulls’, and the chic style that you find on your explore pages every day; I have perfected a balance to let your Gothic princess kick ass this October.

I have built my go-to brands over the years of which I can vouch for personally and greatly recommend.

I would like to first introduce you to my absolute favourite go-to brand:
Mary Wyatt London (MYL)

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 15.32.14.png

Built by an absolute badass woman, Nicola Mary Wyatt, for fellow badass ladies. A womenswear brand that incorporates some amazing artists into their clothing as well as their own designs. Described as esoteric fashion, with a dark undertone.

I have been faithful to this brand since their launch and have not once been disappointed. My favourite item of theirs has been the “Death is not the end” long cardigan and my “See you in hell” bomber jacket (pictured below).

The quality and design of their clothes have impressed me from their first launch, throughout their collections, and I am ready to try their new collaboration with Death & Milk – another fantastic artist.

My favourite current items from MYL (pictures and links below):

See you in Hell bomber jacket – I cried when the first bombed jacket sold out as I didn’t have enough money for it… When this one came out I bought it within minutes, as if they were concert tickets that were sure to sell out.

Cookie Bardot Top – I am an absolute sucker for bardot tops, of course, I had to have this one! The perfect top for a gothic sweetheart look.

Passive Aggressive Tee – This one is from their first launch and my very first purchase. An everyday top with a hint of badass, for those simple jeans, top and stompy boot days.


Some of my items are no longer listed on the website, so catch your favourite items before they go forever! An example that is no longer listed on the site is my “Death is not the end” cardigan… SO COSY!


My wishlist from MYL (pictures and links below):

Mesh Throne Body – I am so into bodies from MYL, but as they are often see through I am always very hesitant to buy.

Love You to Death Mesh Body – Again, another body suit! The design on this one is STUNNING!

Cropped Nails Hood – I am in love with cropped tops, hoodies and jackets due to being 5 feet… This one is definitely going on my Christmas list.



Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 17.13.55

Channel your inner biker chick with the amazing Babe Cave.

They have a mix of vintage tops and accessories, gorgeous ringer tees, patches, badges, and homeware.

My favourite purchase from Babe Cave has been my skull Mary placemat – I keep it in my room as my memento mori, because it’s always good to be mindful of death. Also a great photo background for spooky time photos!


My next purchase will be a classic Babe Cave tee, and I will possibly add the Yucca Shopper to my christmas list.

Also look at this super badass sticker that you get with your purchase!

Red Temple Prayer

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 15.32.55.png

With a little more of a punk twist, Red Temple Prayer brings us some awesome illustrations and accessories.

My favourite collection being “HARD TO LOVE”.


Having worn and abused my Hard to Love hot pants I was excited to try out their latest Zodiac collection. If you’re into Astrology, this might be something you will need in your wardrobe, especially with it being on sale at only £15!

I have yet to try their homeware and accessories so I can sleep, drink and live punk rock.

Another amazing thing is that you can style up your little ones with Little Temple! For those awesome mummas, aunties, or big sisters who are passing on the kicking ass to their younger ones.

Regal Rose

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 16.39.22

The mix of gothic, witchy, chic vibes that Regal Rose offers makes this website honestly the most satisfying shop you could go through. The quality and range of accessories offered by RR is so unique and high quality, that even if you’re on a budget, the sale items will make you feel like an underworld princess.

Having spent in one go over £100 on jewelry from Regal Rose (of which every penny was worth it) here are my absolute favourites from the bunch.


Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 16.51.39.png

I am a sucker for gold jewlery and Regal Rose has more than enough to feed my love and obsession for it.

My favourite collection at the moment has got to be the Mourner collection (pictured right).





These are my favourite places to shop for my everyday goth chic clothing and accessories, if there any similar shops that you can suggest please let me know, feed my shopping addiction!

19 Responses

  1. Geraldine

    The bardot top and “Death is not the end” cardigan looks super comfy and appeals to me quite a bit. I enjoyed learning that you’re into gothic chic clothing, I actually came a cross a page on Instagram that I can’t remember right now! I’ll have to look it up and let you know 🙂 Lovely post Lavrax!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. plr33

    That bomber jacket is to die for! What a great roundup. Sorry to hear that the “Death is not the end” cardigan is no longer available, it’s amazing. I love your style, girl!


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