This movie involved a wolf mask, bestiality, and the weirdest bathtub scene I will ever see.

Spooky time is here!

October means lots of scary films and I am all for it.

So there I was trying to pick a scary movie on Netflix, as I do most nights before I start relaxing in bed, when I stumbled upon Creep.

The synopsis of this movie is what got me hooked, here is how Netflix described it:

A freelance camera man can’t be fussy about his assignments. But this one could go way beyond his comfort zone.

I feel like I get way too easily hooked now that I read back on that.

A brief description of this film: A freelance camera-man gets hired by a man who has three months to live to film a day in his life for his unborn son.  Things get weird. The camera-man stays with him through some questionable behaviour, and in the end, the man reveals some big secrets.

How did I do at not giving away spoilers?

Great! Well if I didn’t already spoil it for you, here come the actual *spoilers*, with some of my thoughts on the film:

I felt molested with the weirdest bathtub scene I will ever see. The camera-man sat through this guy pretending to shower his unborn son, and it was one of the most uncomfortable cinematic experiences of my life. I want you all to be traumatized with me so please, do take a look at “Tubby time”.

There are very few films, for me, that can make me physically uncomfortable or uncomfortable in myself. I’m not sure if this is something people like about horror/thriller films, looking back on it now I feel like there must have been something that was so agonizingly uncomfortable that almost felt real, which is actually an aspect I enjoyed about this movie.

Videoclip by Disposable Culture

Peach fuzz the wolf. A central character of the film is Peach Fuzz the wolf mask. So when I first saw this mask I laughed, I could not take it seriously, it’s just a mask, right?

Well let me tell you that mask got very creepy, and the reason behind it was even more disturbing. Let me explain, the main character bought this mask for his wife… Who he caught looking at lots and lots of animal porn. Pretty self-explanatory. BUT there is a deeper confession… in which he builds up even more creepiness. If you want to watch the confession it starts at 30 minutes into the movie. In the meantime – have some Creep in a wolf mask!

Videoclip by: BrentLovesMovies

At this point the movie actually got very creepy, looking back on it now it’s actually very funny. But in a dark room and with the creepy build-up, trust me, I was not okay.


The film was bad at building suspense. There were a few jumpy bits, but mostly what I expected most of the time was some creepy behaviour from the main character, and that kind of worked.

I appreciate there were only two actors. Now that I think of it, there weren’t any extras at all. I’m not counting an ominous phone call from a person telling the camera-man to “get out now!” For me it is normally very hard to get away with only two actors in a film and still have substance and keep intrigue, there was a fair amount of time doing character building at the start, but those characters were creepy… So it doesn’t bore you at all.

The end of the film: The camera-man is murdered. Surprise surprise! He was not the first victim. We see the main character panning over to a cupboard full of videotapes and cassettes, which are meant to be all of his victims that I’m guessing he killed. This could have been made a bit more interesting! I started coming up with a few endings for myself, to get over the fact that this ending was a little shocking. The ending I thought would be best was to have all of his victims, either dead or alive, locked up in his house somewhere. I would have rather seen that than a cupboard full of videotapes.

It felt real – which excuses the bad bits. The storyline felt like it could have been a real guy, and the first person camera work worked with making it feel this way.

If you decide to watch this movie, please please please let me know your thoughts about it… I really want to hear more interpretations of it.

Give me some of your best horror/thriller film suggestions, I need a list to watch for the whole month and it’s still not filled up.

Happy spooky month!

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  1. My Lifelines

    Oh my gosh, I am cringing just reading this. I am in a well-lit building with many normal humans, but I am legit scared now. I don’t think I could watch this. Have you ever watched Disturbia with Shia LaBeouf? I think you would really enjoy it! Great post, I feel I know enough about this movie from this post that I myself don’t need to watch LOL!


  2. I absolutely love scary movies, but even for me this one seems a bit too creepy/real and even reading about it makes me uncomfortable! Would love to hear any more Netflix scary movie recommendations though! 😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

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