Lavrax’s October Goals (Go on be nosy)

To start with my blogtober I’ll be doing a bit of a personal one.

October 8th will be the monthaversary of my blog! Before I started this I didn’t have any set goals for it, and I was hoping to use it more like a personal diary. However, I have enjoyed making content too much (even if it is for my own amusement), thus I have decided to take it more as a hobby. I’ve never been a hobby person, I’m quite useless and talentless at everything, but interacting with the blogging community has encouraged me so much to want to do this.

To all of you who I have had the chance to speak to on a regular basis and befriend, I thank you so much! And to those who I am still yet to meet, I can’t wait to get to know you.

Here are my blog goals, personal goals, and professional goals if you want to be nosy 😉

Blog goals

  • Blog followers: 111 followers
  • Instagram: 333 followers
  • Twitter: 555 followers
  • Blog views: 666 views
  • Keep developing my writing style and niche
  • Keep getting to know all of you
  • Follow more blogs! I want more people on my feed, so leave a couple of your favourite bloggers in the comments for me to follow!

I am currently at… (as of Sept 30th)

  • Blog Followers: 71 followers
  • Instagram: 274 followers
  • Twitter: 406 followers
  • Blog Views: 483 views

Personal goals

  • Watch at least 10 new scary movies
  • Go try new waffled flavours every other week at my local ice cream place
  • Finally video chat with Abby !!
  • Go to all of my “to go” places on my list (not a super long list)
  • Finish reading Power by Naomi Alderman
  • Buy a new book (either Big little lies or Wilful disregard)
  • Take more pictures for my blog
  • Go to a Halloween market
  • Go to the Greenwich spooky dog show
  • Carry on doodling!!!
  • Give more compliments to people

Professional goals

  • Learn all I can about SEO
  • Apply to at least 10 jobs which I like the sound of.
  • Go on at least 3 interviews (if I haven’t found the right job)
  • Keep developing my writing style and niche.

A bit of a boring personal post to start off, but don’t worry I have some amazing content and lots of collabs with other bloggers coming this month! I’m so excited to share it all with you.

For the first time this year, on October 1st…


23 Responses

  1. Ella: Craft Up Your Life

    I don’t think this was a boring post at all, it’s always good to set an intention for a month. I’m trying to develop my writing skills to this month too, good luck with your goals!


  2. Happy monthaversery!
    You are doing great for someone new to blogging, give yourself time to develop your own style and you will naturally work out what your ‘niche’ is… Just enjoy what you’re doing and that will come through in n your posts.
    Looking forward to your month of spooky content, and if I can help with your goals in anyway let me know.


  3. ERK

    This was a great post!

    This: ‘I’ve never been a hobby person, I’m quite useless and talentless at everything’ cracked me up real hard for some reason while also making me realize that it me who I am laughing at 😂 I am also doing Blogtober and am really excited so far! I think my blog has become more of a ‘bookish talk’ than a ‘book review’ blog because I am hardly managing to read.

    All the best for these goals 👍 Hope you achieve much more than planned 😘


  4. Love this post!! You have a super cute style and I look forward to following your new blogging journey!! I am fairly new, I have healthy recipes and healthy loving tips, yoga, great collaborations too! xoxo Michelle


  5. Loved this post, I’ve been blogging a month too so I’ve just been working on my own monthly progress and goals post! Congrats on how far you’ve come already, and I definitely recommend Big Little Lies, I loved it! X


  6. I love reading other people’s goals! I love how you included in your professional goals developing your writing style and niche. Definitely see that as a professional goal too! Good luck on your goals! 🌻


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