The Wallflowers of the world’s most popular sitcom

I’m sure we have all heard of “The Perks of being a wallflower”? That one movie Emma Watson did that wasn’t Harry Potter?


If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you’ve definitely heard some of the cheesiest quotes from it, probably on Tumblr, and probably plastered over a cheesy background to make it more “deep”.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, our trustee wiki can give us a definition for reference. A wallflower:

A wallflower is someone with an introverted personality type (or in more extreme cases, social anxiety) who will attend parties and social gatherings, but will usually distance themselves from the crowd and actively avoid being in the limelight.

I would like to put my own take on this and say that wallflower are simply those people in the “background” who we do not appreciate that have very admirable traits. Those who are taken for granted, and are okay with it, that should be given more recognition for what they do.

I wanted to bring some attention to three of my favourite wallflower characters from the world’s most popular sitcom. The supporting extras that are made not to be important, but important enough to have built the stage for the main characters.

The importance of this is to appreciate how every character has their own development and their own story to live through.


We have all debated amongst our friends over who is most like the fashion guru (Rachel), the competitive clean freak (Monica) and the quirky one (Phoeby), and who we relate to most by being awkward (Chandler), loveably dumb (Joey) and just a bit of a smart ass (Ross). But how do we compare with the surrounding characters in Friends? Here are three of the most relatable wallflower characters from friends that I personally love and wish I could see more of.

Janice Litman Goralnik

Although it was intended for Janice to be that annoying girlfriend and then ex-girlfriend for the rest of the show, am I the only one who loved her and actually thinks she deserves better? Hear me out. Janice’s presence is phenomenal, her style, laugh, and humour dare I say was sometimes more refreshing and funnier than the main six.

Having put up with Chandler’s nonsense throughout the show, Janice stayed a great friend to him, even if he rejected the friendship. As we know, Chandler’s behaviour with women often led him to have bad friendships with them afterwards, but not Janice. Janice was forgiving, warm and supportive to him as a friend even after him constantly disregarding her. Plus, her final episode where she sacrificed a beautiful house because she thought it would help Monica and Chandler’s relationship? ICONIC.

A truly caring lady and a wonderful friend, who deserves much more recognition for the amazing character she is.

Dr. Charlie Wheeler

Can we all agree what a badass Dr. Wheeler was in the show? Being the only black woman on the show, who wasn’t followed by stereotypes or her blackness being the punchline, her character was damn inspiring.

Apart from adding much-needed diversity on the show, thank god for Charlie Wheeler, her badassery shows us the power of women, but how cleverly beautiful women are taken for granted. As a smart female scholar, it was nice to match and challenge Ross’ arrogant cleverness. Not saying that making Ross feel inadequate because of her dating past was something I was eager to see… But let’s face it, he had to be taken down a peg and off his high horse.

Charlie was calm and diplomatic when dealing with certain outspoken characters on the show, a truly classy lady not letting things slide and being walked over, but speaking up just at the right times. Her cleverness shun through in all her featuring episodes, which ultimately led to her happy ending with Benjamin Hobart. The last time we see Charlie is when she leaves Ross, showing us a different side of her character: Impulsive and spontaneous, something that I wish I could have seen more of.

A true wallflower and empowered woman.

Estelle Leonard

Whatever you may feel towards Estelle, we can definitely agree that she was hustling away as a fantastic business woman. I love that we have characters such as her with such big personalities, especially because she wasn’t brought in as a love interest.

I was happy to see a charismatic and bright woman who aspired and achieved making something of herself. To see her hustling away in her own office only gives us a taste on how she got there. A woman with her own office, and in New York, how did we not get more of a backstory on Estelle?

In every scene she gains control of the conversation and holds it, she is direct and sassy, much like we imagine businessmen being. Seeing her have such presence in all her scenes (except for her death…) seriously makes me wonder even more how she hustled her way into the big game.

An iconic business lady. I demand a spinoff on Estelle’s life.

Those are my top 3 for today!

Character development is something I adore looking into and the backstories of supporting characters, that I might make this a regular thing with some more of my favourite shows.

I would love to know what your take is on the term of a wallflower, and what your favourite wallflower characters are. Let me know!

11 Responses

  1. abbyheird

    All female. I love!!💕 I’m obsessed with friends and have rewatched it many times and I really like this take on it! Now I need to rewatch it with these opinions in mind! Great post.☺️


  2. This is such a creative blog post! I definitely think wallflower need more appreciation. Shocking I know but I haven’t really seen much of Friends only the odd episode, still really liked this post though because I love learning about different characters.


  3. This is such a clever post haha! As a long time ‘Friends’ obsessed gal I really appreciated this! Gotta agree with you on Estelle, seriously loved that lady. Her accent was actually iconic , and she was definitely a character who could hold her own, she didn’t have rely on any of the main characters.


  4. I am a bit of a wallflower myself I suppose, due to anxiety. This was an interesting post to read and definitely different to many blogs out there. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.


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