Six Illustrators on Social Media to Inspire your Doodles

Since the takeover of the machines (aka, the 21st century) social media has been an amazing place to discover and showcase every possible talent under the sun. Eyebrow dancing, walking like a crab, talking backwards… And we have all seen the joys of talented animals. 

Even with these amazing new talents, the call for artists has never been overlooked, and the chances for artists to grow became even greater. A way to reach a more relevant audience and gain your own following? Yes, please.

People were given the chance to create a space of their own to showcase their creations, and here I share with you in my own space a lovely list of artists, from digital sketches to the old school ways of painting! My favourite 6 to make you smile and inspire you

6 Illustrators on social media to inspire you 

#1 Amanda Oleander

Amanda Oleandar cartoons everyday struggles and emotions personal to her. In each piece you see a different character with their own purpose, yet human and relatable enough to make us want to see more of them.

Amanda loves hearing interpretations of her work! Every time she posts a picture she will give her followers a chance to comment on what their interpretation is, then below she gives her own.


You can see more of Amanda Oleander on her website and Instagram

#2 Ginger Taylor 

From Sydney, Australia, Ginger Taylor has taken her art from paper, to murals, bowling pins, bike helmets, and much more. She has a classic cartoon style which is inspired by “Neon signs, Country music, White trash and Glitter.” Her creations appear to be empowering the female form, and the badassery of women of all types.

Here are some of my favourites from Ginger Taylor:


You can see more of Ginger Taylor on her website and Instagram

#3 Anastasia Tasou

Anastasia Tasou is the queen of positivity. Her simplistic style really makes you believe that beauty is not required to be intricate. Her kind personality is transferred through her work, she shows us that being vulnerable and sensitive is not wrong and that it’s okay not to be okay. She adds a personal touch to everything she does, and its rawness is what makes me love her work. Imperfections can be perfect.

You can see more of Anastasia Tasou on her Website and Instagram

#4 Esther Shin 

Esther Shin is a fellow doodler! Creating super cute and colourful doodles to brighten up your feed. It is incredible to see everyday people creating such lovely and happy things. The positivity conveyed in her creations is so original and inspiring, a cartoon style with a side of girl power. 

Here are some of my favourites from Esther Shin:

You can see more of Esther Shin’s art on her Instagram.

#5 Paper Forest 

Based in Singapore, this small illustrator shop creates tender art, warming the heart of animal lovers. Characterising it’s cartoon animals with human features as well as mixing them with other aspects of nature. A soft reminder of the sweetness of the animal kingdom to have on your feed.

Here are some of my favourites:


You can see more of this adorable shop on Instagram and their Website.

#6 Olivia Faust 

In the spirit of all things spooky, I bring you Olivia Faust, Canadian illustrator of sweet dark creations. The detail of the brush strokes in her work is refreshing to see, showing us that rough and ready looks just as magical as smoothly edited pieces.

You can see more of Olivia Faust on her Website and Instagram

The artistic side of the Web will always welcome more followers and creators. Find those artists to inspire your doodles!

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  1. Rachel Hart

    I love seeing bloggers and artists out there supporting one another. I will be sure to check them out! Great post and I love your website!!
    Thanks for leaving your link on my twitter post!
    ~ Ray

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