The seventh ghost of Hogwarts

My dog of 11 years suddenly passed away due to a heart attack.

He was a quirky little baby, his garden was his kingdom as most dogs like to think. He had the ears of a fox that could hear a pigeon flying by from miles away – in which case he was always ready to make sure that said pigeon stayed a safe distance away from his family that he needed to protect.

Ben died on the 1st of September. A few nights after crying and grieving over losing our little boy, I had realised that he had left us on the day that Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry began its new academic year.

It was comforting to have a connection between two of the things that I have loved the most in my life; my companion of 11 years and my favourite literary and movie collection.

I imagined my happy little Ben on his way to platform nine and three quarters, with his scarf and luggage, ready to bolt towards the train entrance just like he did once on a London bus. He ran for the door, up the stairs and went to sit down on a seat. I don’t know how much he cared for boats, but I’m sure he would have enjoyed the view of the castle on his way there.

Stealing the spotlight at the welcoming dinner in the great hall, and eating all the chicken and gravy he always dreamed about.

He is now the seventh ghost of Hogwarts, and 2018 was the year they needed him there. He could no longer stay in the muggle world with us, but I know he’s living it up as Hogwarts’ new resident.

In loving memory of my oldest friend, RIP Ben x

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  1. Je Serai Reine

    I literally have goosebumps and a huge smile on my face right now, this is the cutest thing I have ever read, especially because 1) I love dogs 2) I am such a HUGE Harry Potter lover ahah ! I was picturing Ben going to Hogwarts while reading you :’)

    I am sorry for your loss even though he’s not really gone. He’s magical. And Magical people are never truly gone ;). I hope you’re doing well !


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  2. Anj

    Oh no, I knew this was going to break my heart. I can’t say this enough, but I really am sorry you lost Ben. 😔 But it’s so nice to think that he would probably be hanging out at Hagrid’s hut with Fang. Maybe my Demon will be there too? 💖✨


  3. This was wonderful. I don’t know if it’s because of how much I like dogs, I was thinking of my own dog, how sweet Ben sounds or just the idea of this, probably all of the above but I started to tear up and I never cry. It was short and simple but that seventh ghost idea and the part about 2018 being the year he was needed. It got me.


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