“Unfortunately, it’s not working out.”

As an overachiever and someone who loves taking on challenges, at this point in my life I didn’t imagine I would hear these words.

I was a recent graduate with a shiny new job; everyone was so impressed and proud that I was able to land such a great job at one of the leading independent restaurant review sites in the UK. It was going to be hard work, but whom better to do it than your overachieving, dedicated, and persistent girl Lavrax. I had smashed my interview, I smashed the first social, and I had made amazing friends. Four weeks in was when everything came crashing down.

I was taken into the room where I had all my training during my first week, little knowing that I was about to experience one of the first and most debilitating moments of my professional life thus far

That’s when I heard it, “Unfortunately, it’s not working out.”

How did I react? I felt a lot of emotions, which I am still feeling now only 8 days after.

I can take you through the thought process of getting fired, and why the way it went down was the best way it could have gone. Although it was a moment I won’t shout about, it is one that I needed to experience.

  1. From the beginning, I thought to myself: Thank. God.

I was in a job that I didn’t enjoy and dreaded coming to every day. Waking up in the morning for it was a task made more difficult than it needed to be. When I heard I was going to be let go, I thought to myself “thank God”, followed by, “am I meant to be this relieved?” Turns out that all of those adults that told you to go for something you enjoy were saying that for a reason. Life as an adult is tiring, sad, and debilitating, there is nothing worse than going to a job that makes you feel these things even more.

2.  Throughout the process I thought to myself: I really did try.

I wanted to make sure my boss knew that even though I didn’t get to the standards that he wanted, I tried my best. I am glad that I was honest with him, I could have swallowed my pride and simply lied that I wasn’t trying because I didn’t enjoy the job. But that would have done more harm than good.

It’s always best to be honest even if it makes you vulnerable, you might hear exactly what you needed to hear. He said, “I know”, at least he could appreciate that I had tried. After feeling unappreciated and not good enough, it was a moment of relief knowing that he had seen my efforts. He told me afterwards that he would write me an amazing reference if need be.

Don’t let your pride get the best of you because you may be shutting the door on future opportunities. Stay humble and true to yourself.

3. Lastly, after it all went down: how am I going to walk out of here?

This happened at the end of the day after some of my team had gone home. My boss cared to do it then so it would be less embarrassing, and I guess he had a point. I had never been fired in my life and it was truly humiliating to be the first one in my team to be let go. But it had to be someone right? Now I think back and realise it was the right choice for that person to be me

I walked out proud, and here is how I’ve been dealing with it so far.

I messaged all my work friends telling them they wouldn’t be seeing me at work anymore, and they were honestly surprised. Turns out, I wasn’t bad at the job, it just wasn’t a right fit. This is something that I have had to accept, after wondering for the past few days why I wasn’t good enough.

I spent a whole four weeks busting my butt, making sure I could do the job as best I could. But sometimes, however much you try, your best may not be good enough for this particular role. I am forcing myself to believe that this is an acceptable way to think, I want to believe it and I think I’m starting to.

This has affected me more than I care to admit, although I have never been the person to care what people think I know the expectations everyone had of me, especially after being recently graduated. People get fired, and it happens all the time. Please remind yourself that a job is not your whole life.

“It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count, it’s how many times you get back up.”

Cheesy, yes sure it is, but this is said for a reason

So don’t let life get you down (for too long)! Get out there and kick ass.


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