About Lavrax

Hi, I’m Lavrax.

A 21-year-old baby faced Colombiana, lover of lists and copious amounts of food; ready to take on the brand new world of ~ the online ~

I started writing as a result of being extremely sick, tired, and bored with my everyday life. I put myself out there and so far it’s been the best decision I have made. Challenge yourself and see where you end up, it could be somewhere amazing.

I write mostly about relationships, lifestyle as a 20-something-year-old in London, and my fortunes and misfortunes (if you care to read about those as well).

Also be ready to experience the thoughts, ramblings, and various identity and life crisis that are to come… and hey if you want to experience them with me drop me a message and let’s chat about our misfortunes and messy thoughts. Let’s be friends. ♡


~ Lavrax


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