The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: DoodlePeople

Happy (almost) Easter! It’s that time of the year where we all get a bit sniffly, the sun is shining, the bees are pollinating. It’s also that time of the week where I get to introduce you to a bright, inspiring, and wonderful woman. Make way for our lovely lady of the week!  DoodlePeople I […]

The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: This Stuff Is Golden

Welcome to mid-April! It’s been a cold, long, rainy one here in London. But it’s the weekend, our favourite day, so it’s time to get under your blanket, get some tea, and do your favourite Saturday reading.  As chilly and gloomy as it might be, this hasn’t stopped any of our wonderful ladies. We’ve had our […]

The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: Cara’s Corner Creations

This week’s Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide features one of our own. You may know her as that cat-loving, pink-haired mermaid from Twitter. Also known as Cara Lisette! Cara’s Corner Creations And did you know Cara has an adorably kick ass Etsy store? That’s right. As a mental health advocate, Cara runs Cara’s Creations to advocate […]

The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: Dinky Mix

The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide this week brings you Dinky Mix. A store brought to life by Chi Opara, dedicated to celebrating, encouraging, and empowering young black girls and boys, who may often be overlooked by mainstream society. 

The Ultimate Feminist Etsy Guide: Delicious Monster Tea

It’s been a rough week for the world, and sadly, nearing the end of the best month of the year. While we celebrated women’s day, the first days of spring, and several badass business ladies. To continue celebrating the wonderful women within our community, today’s feature involves Claire, owner of Delicious Monster Tea.  Delicious Monster […]

Maintaining A Positive Self Image

Self Image – The idea one has of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality. Maintaining a positive self-image can be really difficult. I know, personally, I have always struggled with this. I say “self-image” instead of “body image” because I believe it’s important to love all of yourself. Your style, your taste, your views, your abilities, […]